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December 21, 2017


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Hi Brian...much love this solstice and always. In my humble view, the quintessential query is offered in this narrative: [At this point another friend asked, "Perhaps the more significant question: Who is this “I” you speak of who goes back and forth between your head and your heart?" To which I replied:]

It would be a wonderful synopsis for you to compile a number of unique replies to this question from your readers/bloggers. Thanks and many blessings.

Sant-mat has done great disservice to people by presenting before them half-baked truths.
Unified field of consciousness can be accessed by numbing the mind. Mind can be easily numbed by breath control. Forget Pranayama , even simple slowing of breath starts numbing mind.
Yoga includes sant-mat , sant-mat does not include yoga.
Proof: Since time immemorial Yogis are teaching "Naad Yoga" / Yoga of Sound current.
Sant-mat never talks about "Breath Control " to numb mind , it only shows the insecurity of Sant-mat gurus. Yogis have classification for these sant-mat/ sufi people . Its called Bhakti Yoga / Yoga of devotion but yogis do tell people that Bhakti Yoga is not everything. It must be balanced by breath-control.

... "our true self (EIM) creates our false self/ego in order to fit into the world we find ourselves"

Yes, its not easy being our genuine self especially if we are supersensitive and don't like conflict ... and yet its very rewarding when we do step out of our comfort zone and it works.

Its such a game, this world and we can play it the best we can with integrity, watching our thoughts, triggers and our reactions, being an observer.

Observing and then letting go, the surrendering process. This is the answer!

Really nice post, going to read it through a few times more... thanks.

Just as there is no definable God, there is no true self.

Strip away one layer, and there before you is another.

So how can any layer be "you?"

Clothes don't actually make the man.

Unity is the answer. So that's not this, it's not that. It's not you. It's not me.

All of that changes and evaporates.

And if you are very lucky, it happens every day. That's what meditation is for.
If anything can be said to be real, it is only the Sound.

Akhand Mahayog : If death of disciple occurs during yogic practice , he starts the journey from that level of consciousness in next lifetime. Akhand means continuous / perpetual without interruption.
No-one can absorb in sound without numbing mind. For numbing mind , Akhand Mahayoga.

The unity, the integration of mind and heart cannot be achieved by mind or heart, by critical thinking or sentiment.

Because critical thinking can only conjecture about the answer, and the mind's logic is hopelessly limited and twisted by its own limited experience, conditioning and education. The mind, without our consent, almost always moves to justify wherever we happen to be; our beliefs, our politics, our habits, our existing views. Rarely do we give up a sacred opinion through reason, unless we are paid to do so, or are threatened. Then, like Hitler youth, we adopt that view as if we had created it ourselves, we own it as fact, as if it were a part of nature, a reality.

Reason is nothing more than a prostitute who will assume any position for a fee. And those who rely upon reason alone are his servants.

The heart is moved by sentiment and can readily be deceived by emotional appeal, the victim of exploitation.

Unity is achieved by going beyond both, to that place from which both are projected.

And that deconstruction of these false and artificial constructions is the practice of meditation.

Then we look upon mind and heart as gift wrap. Elegant coverings for the true gift within which we have found and enjoy.

"This probably will not make any sense to anyone else, but I view this “I” as my Experiencing and Integrating Mind (EIM) from which my thinking (head) and emotions/feelings (heart) originate. My thinking and emotions are the result of this deepest and oldest self (EIM) experiencing and trying to integrate itself into the world it experiences."

I always find any talk of 'head and heart' a bit of a turn-off. Thinking, emotions and feelings and mind all originate in the brain (ref to the brain sciences). No doubt when the brain (head) through perception generates emotion then it may be felt in the heart area (and also the gut) but it is not its origin.

And the references to (integrating) mind which is also an aspect of the brain. Mind simply being accrued information that is constantly being updated. It is perhaps our automatic reactions to situations, to perceptions that react from our store of information due to being unaware of the brain/mind processes that is the main problem - perhaps our only problem!

That is pretty good analysing

Where contemplation/meditation ( it's a wave ) is a strong help
is in balancing between these two and more
Specially the Stop Thoughts part
is flabbergasting and part of when Charan said :
Between the 6th and the 7th chakra
That's where the real Path begins :
2 cm equal to lightyears, impossible to grep but
do-able by HIS Love and Grace
No other way to lose all hypocrisy

When Gurinder was appointed I had doubt too
and until I saw and clearly saw:
"No Hypocrisy in there - Wow"

Hi Karim

Perhaps it's quite arrogant to reflect even
on HIS attributes

I woulds be quite happy to stay as I are
with Charan's attribute of "It ever grows" included

The ultimate perfect for me can wait - HE killed me almost
already with HIS Words
So, "grow" by tiny bits please

Also : How can something stop growing when there is no end
The Holy End is DYNAMIC, not static

We follow the incersed Fibonacci rule with no end
and each cm the amplitude doubles, triples, quadruples

And then reflect the Jap Ji and what follows

Islands within spheres - How can we graps all that beauty

It's a little bit like : You are in Love
with a certain Lady : . . The others can wait . . . or in a way they are already included

so out of topic

Great to be a witness of all that


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