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November 25, 2017


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Human beings are still barbarian. We need further evolution. And too many humans have done the worst of things in the name of religion.

Extremist forms believe in recruiting people for their cause , they might have felt threatened by Sufis. This has been happening since times of kings & rulers who were busy in their carnal desires rejecting Sufi thought completely. I have also read somewhere that when decline of Hinduism occurred by destruction of Guru-Shishya Parampara [ teacher -disciple succession] it were the Sufis in India who saved the tradition.

The decline of religion.
I don't know too much about Islam

However if we take Sikhism, it was started by Nanak.
No 5 K's that now define what a Sikh is.

Nanak never defined

When asked who HE was he said

Paanch tat ka putla Nanak mera nau.

Nanak never created a religion.

Islam could well be different.

However Sikhs today are not followers of Nanak
They follow a religion

They are against radha swamis because they consider radha swamis are not real Sikhs.

But who cares?

Even Nanak was not a Sikh. He did not have a kirpan

Anyone can come and go as they please

Join or leave.

The idea that God has certain rules is dangerous

It makes the religious follower think God is on his side and he is on a mission from God.

But God doesn't take sides for one really good reason

Non existent entities cannot take sides

And even if he DID exist I am sure he would have better things to do than look over us 24/7 to see if we are breaking any of his rules.

The notion most people have of God is ridiculous

That God could probably do with some serious sessions of therapy.

Gladly, that God doesn't exist except in the minds of believers

I personally don't give a shit about Sikhs. Couldn't care less. Life is infinitely better than caring about nonsense.

"This place is a dream. Only a sleeper considers it real. Then death comes like dawn, and you wake up laughing at what you thought was your grief." - Rumi

One of my all time favourites... short vimeo - Kensho - Dreaming hero wakes up and sees the Dreamer himself.
Narrated by Alan Watts.


People do bad things in the name of politics, cults, and atheism too (see the recent Texas shooter for an example of the latter).

It isn't a valid argument.

The problem is believing what I think is a universal truth.

That seems to be the common Element among terrorists, Nazis and a few Atheists.

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