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November 19, 2017


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Usually, poverty is said to be the reason why countries/people are more religious than wealthy contries, pointing to the fact that poverty equals insecurity. This seems strange as America is one of the wealthy contries. But as Nigel Barber reported in Huffpost America is somewhat of an anomaly being a wealthy contry where religion prospers.
He mentions the unequal distribution of wealth in America - “Despite having great wealth, the riches are unevenly distributed. Such income inequality is typical of developing countries and it has worsened considerably in recent decades. Moreover, we lack the well-developed welfare state found in Europe that serves to redistribute wealth and provides a safety net for the poor.”
Perhaps in America there is underlying insecurity of not succeeding, of ending up in poverty with no 'safety net'. Religion (and nationalism) being such a 'safety net'.

Insecurity is a huge factor in our choices and decisions. It can be played upon in the cause of nationalism as well as religion. To belong to a religion with all the hopes and promises can somewhat eleviate our fears. Religion, nationalism – and even belonging to some institution or club – can be the reason we align with their beliefs and causes.

Here in Europe there is a revival in right-wing movements; perhaps much of it comes from the recent fears of mass imigration – one of the reasons the UK voted to leave the European Union, to return to be a 'safe little island' with its own laws and regulations on immigrants.

Basically, as we all know, we are afraid of death, of 'not being', of being nothing. Religious belief is but one of our many life-rafts that we adopt to maintain the illusion that we have a permanent self (or whatever we call it) to avert death.

Herbert Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God was considered heretical. In-fact he advocated Saturday Sabbath , non-reliance on modern medicine , Vegetarianism as a means of contemplative Christ Consciousness.

Yes, very disturbing. I didn't know our un-scientific religious people were also so heartily exporting their weird beliefs. But I do know they have infiltrated their crazy God-virus into our government, and are part of the reason this virus has helped Trump get into office, since he is infiltrating the crazy religiosity into the high courts, where it is even more dangerous for years to come. Anyone interested in more on this should read Attack of the Theocrats. I was surprised about what the enlightened founding fathers of our country said about keeping a separation between Church and State and keeping religion out of government. They foresaw the dangers of such craziness. Leaders like Lincoln, who never attended a church, and may have actually been a non-believer, would never be elected now.

"Americans' credulity regarding God and all things supernatural predisposes them to also believe in other falsehoods: for example, that human-caused climate change isn't happening; that tax cuts somehow produce more revenue for the government; that homosexuality is a choice; that an embryo is a full-blown person with concomitant rights." This has got to be one of the most outrageous quotes I've recently read! You've been hoodwinked by the MSM - and I'll leave it at that!

I only comment at this blog because it is an open forum about religion where lots of different people can come and comment. Otherwise, I have no sympathy for the person that makes this blog available. He advertises his atheism like it is a scout badge of honour. Atheism is bankrupt. It is a deep hole of despair and anger and frustration and depression. No sane person goes there.

Where is the mention of the recent church shooter that was a rabid atheist who murdered over 100 people? That seems to have slipped the radar.

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