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October 23, 2017


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All the schools , colleges , institutions are trying to instill obsessive purpose in students . Instead of helping them , this is making them neurotic. This premise of purpose stems from the assumption that humans would lead purposeless life which is totally rubbish assumption. Fact of life is that most of the path-breaking innovation has been done by people who were ridiculed by type A obsessive people for not having ruling purpose in life. An artificial dam may have purpose but so does a carefree stream of water.

If you stand back from life and withdraw from the various roles of want and should, you do see direction. Life progresses, and you can, with a little consideration, see those progressions. And we are also progressing. We are moving, as a careful review of our own history, our personal history, shows. The past is gone. We are not who we were. So whether we like it or not our one dimensional movement through time is attended with changes. And those progress from one point to the next. Events may disrupt those changes and make their own. Conditioning alters our thinking.

So if you see the direction, and understand more about what you were and what you are becoming, and clearly what you will not be in this lifetime, you can say that direction is your "purpose". But whether you embrace it or not, it's you. You don't become something beyond time ignoring it. You don't become without purpose ignoring the direction you are moving in.

Purpose is already there, without your participation.

Real meditation
is 100% stopping the thinking process.
Pls don't use the word for contemplations, . . . & other caprioles

Then you will "leave" this body
and the Love Play starts

But better, first go where the sweet inviting beautiful seducing Songs are


No confused - lost - unsure - unclear and disoriented anywhere to see at anytime
What stays is PERPLEXED & little bit BEWILDERED



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