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July 20, 2017


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All of creation worships the empty, unknown, ineffable and unknowable experience.
That's what faith is. It is based on the empty space of what I can't know, being a point, and the miracle of what is, being everything. "I" as a point have no dimension, no perspective, no depth. Yet all of these are made up of points, infinitely.

"I don't know" is a step.
"I don't exist in physical space, in a single point of time" is right. There is no assailant nor defendant. There is consciousness and matter in motion.

Readiness presumes a specific point in time. But that's wrong. We are not separated by points in time.

If I don't exist, then no opinion is right. I can't know anything.

That's our real state.

In that state we experience. The experience is real. The concept of it is a crayon drawing, and always wrong.

No experience is false. What you see may be imaginary, may be physical, but you are experiencing it. That is never wrong.

Where that experience came from is subject to opinion and the opinion is usually wrong.

But the experience is what it is. And the more we focus on our experience, and the less we form opinions and conjectures, the less we live in an imagined personna, a self - manufactured identity, the more aware and real we become.

Hi Spencer, interesting comment.

"We are not separated by points in time."

So we are presently experiencing a moment to moment existence in this life form on this planet but at the same time we are not separate from our lives in the past and the future?

The mind boggles. This is when just emptying out and not thinking and not knowing helps :)

Hi Jen
Consider that the brain boils experience down into discrete points and the interpretation, the reconstruction of each point. Actually, because the brain has multiple systems it doesnt always get the sensory data at the same time.

The image you see or hear is constructed from sensory data captured at slightly different points of time, but presented to you as a single point. So you can be seeing things that are built up over several microseconds, presented as a single snapshot.

In Calculus, as Newton taught us, there is no such thing as discrete points of time. They are infinite. We can estimate the volume of a tank of water with a few pieces of information, such as the rate at which the water enters the tank, but it comes down to estimating a continuous function, which is really, an infinite series of points of time. Not really points at all.

Motion cannot exist from discrete points of time. A million single snapshots of movement cannot reflect velocity unless you know how far apart those snapshots are taken. In other words, all movement takes place between those sampled points. That space between what we see and measure is where reality takes place. And that function to infinity is what Newton (and earlier, Liebniz) invented to help us measure what cannot actually be measured in discrete points.

So "now" as a single point of time is just a mental and measurement function. To perceive time directly there is no such thing as past, present and future.

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