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July 14, 2017


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Hi Brian
You quoted
"Who is the self who doesn't want to get out of bed, and what is its relationship to me? Does my tongue really have a will of its own, and how do I go about holding it? (And who am I if not my tongue?) Since there is always only one "me" involved, this split-self talk is clearly metaphorical rather than literal."

Physiologically this author has it backwards. " We" are a complex mix of different brain centers each with it's own intelligence, somewhat but not completely integrated. Conflicts of different habits learned and hardened by different degrees of conditioning within these different intelligences , triggered by similar stimuli are common. Managing these conflicts makes up a good deal of what higher brain cognition is spent on. As an example, these conflicts and different body actions in conflict and largely outside our conscious awareness are what some people go to a massage therapist to help unravel. Consider muscles parts of our brain tense unnecessarily for so long we are unaware of doing it, even for years on end. The four "Fs" of life that are hardwired each with their own conditioning : Fight, Flight, Feeding, and reproduction. The false and delusional metaphor is the simplistic lie we live under that we are a single conscious independent entity.

As you pointed out in an earlier post, that is a self deception born of lack of memory and lack of conscious awareness. Think of the concept of "'me' as a single intelligence" as nothing more than an imaginary crayon-drawing construct generated as a heuristic for use by our tiny brain.

To add briefly to the above, consider how the brain must supress so much stimuli in order to allow any focus at all. Our brain is constantly adjusting visual, auditory and proprioceptive stimuli all the time, making curved lines look straight, adding edges and three dimensional structure to what is a flat presentation, filtering out sounds it deems extraneous.

And the brain is far from perfect.

Consider how dreams and even real events that have no connection with daily events are forgotten. Our more accurately, erased.

We not only forget dreams, but experiences when our consciousness is outside the normal functioning of the brain.

Hence the claim by some that their meditation has yielded nothing.

Everyone who meditates with any focus at all, in any of a variety of methods, has experiences. But to the extent these are entirely outside normal cognitive perception, they are erased when we return to the body level of awareness.

Again, it's not a perfect system. Sometimes a vague memory does persist.

Everyone who meditates with any effort and persistence daily, even for 3 minutes a day, gets experience in weeks. But the mind tosses all of it out moment by moment with short term memory.... It failed to make any impression on the brain.

However, if we return to that stage, while there, we remember.

This is truly a tragic situation. What we receive even now, we are literally brainwashed from remembering.... Such is the biological cage we live in.

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