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June 28, 2017


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When the assault and reception of it are both part of the same exact moment, they are connected, and that to an even deeper series of events. Can we even view an assailant as separate from ourselves? I think that is where we recoil, react, and create friction.

I like the idea of focus and adaptation. We do our part like a good cog in an enormous clock, without introducing any other extraneous thing. We are simply delivering the food from the kitchen, and then removing plates from the tables back to the kitchen.

Our part is very small, simple, essential. And it is done in perfect synchronicity, perfect focus understanding this limited role, that is one limited part of something vast and, even in its horrors, great.


Love does all that, music too

Hence the idea of giving the biker a self driving & parking stereo equipped Lamborghini




Recently I lost the Anahabed Sound and it was very frustrating because
as I said earlier : rather soon even when it is tiny, -because of the sweetness- you find out that the Sound is really You, Yourself, Intrinsicly , much more than the body , even the brain processes , so when it goes away that gives a kind of heart breaking sentiment
Like when your all time beloved companion died

Anyway, I learned -through the years - that That super phenomenon can be modulated and yes indeed so by the 5 Holy Words
but this time it didn't work

I tried and tried but silence all over my place

Then I thought about my declaring here that even non rssb initiated can hear the Sound ( how easy it is )

I explained that going to a soundless place like a recording studio
and we try out to be soundlessness - and that that is very difficult
you start to hear all body workings like when under water with yr ears in a buth tube
and eliminating all that , . . . one cannot avoid to hear it

I claimed that anybody of reasonable compassion would be able
but recently I was really unable during 2 and half days

Then I found out that the Holy Words for triggering lose their potential when there is something bbasicly incorrect c q dishonest in our/my reasoning process
Yes I was convinced of a "meme" , a concept but it was a lie
to myself, first I said 3% of a lie haha

A little bit like the expression from the Buddha : "the biggest sin existing is that : manupulating your intellectual process - not saying here : conscience - i"m not an ethiker, just a tryer, - I meah like Hitler couldn(t have done what he did without first telling himself ( reasoning ) that that was a good thing to do

Then I analysed my way of thinking and if I always tell the truth without arrogance
and Huuree
I"m now as if I had received a needy bath
and everything according to Jim's process of the aspirin
Many serendipities involved, . . HE is active every second . . (when we allow that)

Like Brians "Go with the Flow" , this is somewhat similar although I stand firmly with the former comment
Love does all that

Thanks to the Guy who has put his Power in my 5 words

It s unbelievable subtle , this Sound & Light Path

Thank You Guys for reading


The tiny basic 24/7 Sound is what I talk about here , it's seemingly not the same as the roaring sound, the explosive sounds (w love ) , the implosing sounds, the fibonnacci sounds , Heaven on Earth Sounds within meditation but always by LOVE
It's like a 5 stages rocket but no separations of engines


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