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June 14, 2017


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I think:
All beliefs are placebos.
Any subjective experience that comes from a person faith, is actually coming thanks to the subconscious meditation due to the placebo.

And meditation helps in getting over negative thoughts and emotions, which cause such things. Meditation helps in making a person become more aware and conscious.
And aware and conscious people know what's the right thing to do.

So, let them pray and send thoughts. For those who don't meditate, that's their only support.

Appreciating what you write, lately, it came to my mind what a tremendous good karma it is for Theresa May to have lost seats in the UK parliament
and so she can probably exit her position of 3.2 Billion $ serial murder
on Yemen's children and hospitals

two little cents


If prayer leads you out of fear, out of trauma, out of crushing grief, and uncontrollable rage; up from paralysis into action, into right action, it serves a sacred purpose. That is its purpose. You were crippled. Now you can walk. You were blind. Now you see. You were dumb, now you have found your voice.

If it is just anesthetic you abuse to insulate you to what is terribly wrong, it is equally wrong.

Well said, Spencer. As is the case with many things, it's the underlying intention which determines outcome.

If someone uses prayer to help instill inner, subjective peace, that can give rise to right action (i.e. action not fueled by reactive emotions), and that, in turn, can create better outcomes in the world.

So, in that sense, prayer can bring about real change. But not through the agency of "god", but of the person themselves.

Hi Chirig!

Thanks for your comment.

You wrote

"But not through the agency of "god", but of the person themselves."

That is most certainly an individual matter. And that is because God, and one's concept of God, and the "person" and one's concept of themselves are not as you might define for them. Let them define themselves.

What we need or do not need is an individual matter. No one should impose their belief system about that on anyone else.

"Whatever gets you through the night...
It's alright...
It's alright..."
- John Lennon

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