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June 07, 2017


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If mind and awareness are different, would experiences of the mind fall under subjectivity and the things that awareness becomes aware of, fall under objectivity?

Hi Brian
You wrote
"So I wish religious believers would be clearer about what they claim to have experienced."

Why? You don't believe it.
Why does belief have to rest in experience? The point of belief, ie faith, is to believe in what has not been seen or experienced.

"The tragedy of human life is that what we see we must not love, and what we cannot see we must learn to live. "
Charan Singh.

What are your thoughts on people who claim that the experiences of the mind are subjective, but the experiences of the awareness or consciousness, objective?

Brian :
"" So I wish religious believers would be clearer about what they claim to have experienced. ""

This is not true
Lying . . . ( that depends of how far you modified your conscience first ( Buddha )

Because you ignore real facts about serendipities ( miracles ) and when I offered physical
proof , , which is a copy of the journal "Nice-Matin" you did not even react
probably because there is no escape from this fact


I dislike the term "mystical experience." Perhaps an absorption in universal oneness is more appropriate. The best description I have read was in "An Idealist View of Life," by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan:

“It is a condition of consciousness in which feelings are fused, ideas melt into one another, boundaries are broken, and ordinary distinctions transcended. Past and present fade away into a sense of timeless being. Consciousness and being are not different from each other. In this fullness of felt life and freedom, the distinction of the knower and known disappears. The privacy of the individual self is broken into and invaded by a universal self which the individual feels as his own. The experience itself is felt to be sufficient and complete. It does not come in fragmentary or truncated form demanding completion by something else. It does not look beyond itself for meaning or validity.”

I met Dr. Radhakrishnan in 1962 while studying at Lucknow University on a Carnegie grant.

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