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May 28, 2017


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Apropos of Trump's recent visits to Saudi Arabia and to the Vatican, someone was telling me the other day that the Donald is, apparently, actually an atheist himself!

That sounded so improbable, and since I myself have zero idea about that either way, I tried a quick check via Google, but found nothing definitive.

It does appear, though, that -- whether actually atheist or not -- the man isn't by any means a raging fundamental Christian, or even a particularly devout Christian, or anything like that. Merely an opportunistic person not averse to using the Christian voter base.

A.R., Donald Trump said he is a Presbyterian. They are not Evangelical , and they are Calvinists. They believe that, they can never loose their Salvation, once they have received it. I happen to also be a Calvinist. Trump is not an Atheist. But, he is also not an Evangelical in your face Fundamentalist, either.

Quite a good discussion is it true but i believe one can loose salvation what if you deviate from the norms of christianity i think the problem is concentrating on evangelism, calvinist its all about personal relationship with God

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