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April 10, 2017


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I still follow the Sant Mat practice. Albeit in a solitary fashion and with rapidly declining enthusiasm. My problem with the whole lacto-vegetarian diet was that it was easily trumped by becoming vegan (which I am). Of course some Satsangis would wax lyrical about the mystical benefits of vegetarianism but neatly avoid the elephant in the room when it came to veganism because the path didn't recommend it. Which, whether you agree with veganism or not, is the height of illogical religious thinking given the context. People are strange.

BRIAN WROTE : "" At some point in the 1990s, I believe it was, the guru decided to raise the bar on vegetarianism. Now animal rennet, a frequent ingredient in cheese, was a no-no ""

Initiated in 1965 with enduring and increasing resulting pleasure
I only remember that Charan asked the same :

The point is that nobody wants to irritate disciples but
it's like with eggs:
When these animal molecules are in our blood , stopping the mind s thinking is so many times more difficult. c q impossible because it influence chakra rotations
And of course, karma is falling on our heads because of the nasty slaughter

When slowing down the 6th chakra s 'Crooked Tunnel' which is a living dynamic phenomenon will crook much more upon the point that the diamond lightc q The Master at the end cannot be seen.

It's the same as telling a grand prix adept to avoid sugar in the gas tank

So it's a big help of remembrance while some of us do nothing than complaining about their meditations ( which is being awake without any thought - and nothing less than that)
I wrote about this here 2 years ago and more

I love U all Guys


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