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March 28, 2017


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without in an non-convincing way

wihin It makes a point

Love makes galaxies a peanut


What is without is within and what is within is without. The best you can say is both are neither because there is nothing to be either within or without and nothing to be within or without of.


Things don't have a persona. Thoughts and rocks are the same ... just things. There is no "my" thought. Things are being thought ... but there is no personal thinker. There is impersonal thinking of impersonal thought in a head.

Can an impersonal thought ever transform itself into a "WHO" ? The answer to "WHO" are you is ... non personal temporal consciousness watching impersonal thought.

The "WHO" is whipped up like instant mashed potatoes, by impersonal thought. Can impersonal thought ever be a "WHO" ? Or, does impersonal thought "believe" it is a "WHO" ?

Milk may be whipped into cream ... but can impersonal thought, as a thing ... ever whip itself into a personalized "WHO" ?

Consciousness exists from micro second to micro second in the neurons of the brain. It is not continuous. There is no permanent continuous "self", or "soul" to be found anywhere as consciousness.

Does not the question become ... what deluded temporal "WHO" ..... is searching for what eternal salvation ?


Oh Wow, tucson and Mike Willams, you're back! Please don't go away again, missed you both :)

Hi Jen, not sure how long I will be here,
but I think you might like this Youtube video.


Who Wrote the Bible ?

Hi Mike, sorry I've never been a Christian or religious minded and although a Charan initiate I'm not that interested in Sant Mat any more. As for the bible myths I prefer the stories about the Anunnaki :)

Hi Jen, I am agnostic, I watch debunking about religion,,
not religious programs. I don;t believe Jesus or Moses
or Solomon ever existed.


Ancient Aliens Debunked - (full movie) HD

Absolute classic

About Anunnaki. I do not believe in them, although David Icke was the first
to contact me about my book many years ago and I gave him permission
to list it on his website long time ago... I like his work on the new
world order, but not shapeshifters, nor his theology.

I have done much research on pyramids and am an ancient historian.
I do believe in UFO's. I have done much research into such things as JFK and
Bobby Kennedy assasination and Jack the Ripper. All these things have been solved

Any strange unsolved mystery, I have studied. There is a great deal I am not
telling about Radhasoami history.

I believe Salig Ram, the founder of Radhasoami Faith, was a Freemason.
He had a complete set of Swedenborg in his library and once initiated
a Viceroy. He held a high position with the English.as postmaster general
of Uttar Pradesh. He got many of Swami Ji;s family jobs in the post office.

You had to be a Freemason to get such positions.

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