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March 16, 2017


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I think it is more than just the religious right that exhibits this arrogance. Our centrist friends are hobbled by the same unwillingness to question dogma. Your point is well taken, and I look forward to reading it (and more like it) in the pages of the local newspaper. Well done, Laurel.

Some atheists feel so sure they are right that they try to force their unfounded beliefs on others.

Wow, nice short comments...diametrically opposed in beliefs! Who is right? Who is wrong? Can a mind continue with a moderate view, choosing tolerance and a "live and let live" attitude with regards all purported beliefs and dogmas? Our stay on planet earth is very short. The eastern saints mention "four days only", comprised of childhood, youth, middle age and old age - then death supervenes without fail. My station is the last of the four and believe me when I say that I have certainly looked at my mortality, my date with death, straight in the face! It is frightening to not know what lies beyond the grave or the fire - I also believe that this fear is a prime motivator for many to seek a faith or doctrine and/or practice which can provide some solace and perhaps even some experience of "what is to come". I do not believe that such a fear is unwarranted nor does it paint anyone, in my humble view, as "weak". A normal human will completely smother this natural fear (of death) with hundreds of pleasures and activities in the world...but the fact remains that we "can take nothing with us" - no possessions, no money, no kids, no relations or friends and no property. When the last breath has expired, our life here on earth and all hopes regarding it, are finished. So it is not surprising to me in the least that so many people (including myself) adapt some faith, belief, religion, yoga or path that offers a goal that is beyond this material existence.

Life is very short...mine has all but vanished. Atheism is a path, as well. I believe there is much to learn when one adopts reason and the requirement of empirical proof. Famous atheists can be heard on YouTube and what they say is worth contemplating. I believe blind faith is unproductive and empty. So atheism is, it seems to me, a necessary step to higher awareness and a freedom from unproven dogma.

I think atheists agree at least on the semantics of the word God.
One of these is : No other exists, . . nothing exists besides

So why they don"t use some Math to conclude
That God = Them,

Laurel : YOU are That
Before Abraham , . . You are.
You preferred the status quo you live in , temporally with Brian
OR eternally with Brian
It"s up to YOU, . . or you chose something in between . .

Don't let the chosen amnesia go to far :-)

It's a marvellous scheme
So many Blessing to everybody here, . . you couldn't believe like the rest


How would that Being pass Her Non-Time otherwise (for increase Love) than with You

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