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March 09, 2017


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""" Two doors lead out of the room. Both are closed, """

Then a Beautiful One came in and told you How to be beautiful, . . . too
and you forgot all about those doors
enjoying the flabbergasting sweetness of ever increasing Love ( Sound )

With lot's of Love for all of You


One of the greatest motivators of an advanced and experienced mind is the constant poke of "not knowing the answers to the big questions". Most humans will not explore these questions due to the pressures of physical survival and/or lack of interest. Point is, the mundane everyday mind simply cannot get concrete answers on its own without some help from an external source - hence, the Teacher/Guru/Master. Everyone has a teacher, beginning with one's parents, to help form the necessary understanding and preparation to move the young man/woman into life as an adult. Mentors abound in all education, apprenticeships and avocations. We simply must have an instructor to provide inspiration and illuminate the way to achieve any goal that is "beyond one's current abilities". When an individual moves to metaphysical or esoteric inquiries the same principle applies...a Teacher is absolutely necessary. It is said that the internal path is fraught with dangers, predatory currents and entities desiring to usurp one's attention and love. "Straight and narrow is the way and few be there that find it." Thus, one must be very careful in adapting any Guide.

To go through either door you need the faith in your own legs to get there, in your own arms to open it. You must have faith that for the next few minutes existence will continue. Faith runs the universe and is behind all reality. But it is generally blind faith. We take reality for granted.

"Such is a scientific faith, a faith that does not foreclose in advance any possibility about what reality may consist of... "

This is incorrect. Every scientific experiment consists of hypothesis testing. In actual science hypotheses are constructed painstakingly, laboriously, under highly controlled, repeatable and stable conditions to confirm the hypothesis only. Strictly speaking the experiment confirms with statistical reliability, that the predicted event occurred due to the controlled independent variable and not chance. Or, the conclusion is only that the evidence does not rule out chance and other random variables as the cause of the measured change. Mostly because the change is not large enough to say it is any different from random variation.

That's it. That's hypothesis testing. And it can only be done setting up the exact conditions dictated by the theory, under conditions controlled to eliminate as much as possible the potential effect of other variables.

This is what science is at its core. The creation of theories and alternative answers are entirely based on thinking, using known facts combined with unknown guesses to create a theory and from that theory a testable hypothesis.

No scientist constructs an experiment without doing everything the theory requires. Failing to actually implement the steps required by the theory would be an internal validity flaw. They got no results because they didn't tightly control the conditions required by the experiment.

And in a scientific community their experience and data would be subject to withering and exhaustive critique, to determine the precise flaw in their testing.

But here Atheists do not subject themselves to anything like that evaluation and criticism. They hold to their notions out of pure ignorance as readily as a devout worshiper of superstition. These are both religious practices of blind faith.

The first layer of scientific evaluation is the detailed audit of quality of the actual experiment. Only when the rigor of the experiment has been established by other independent members of that scientific community, amid more than one independent effort to duplicate the results, and repeatedly no results, can the theory then be questioned.

In science a theory cannot easily be disproven.

And that is really the nature of hypothesis testing. A hypothesis can't even be disproven. It can only be abandoned for lack of evidence.

When it is abandoned, it is because the documented results are in fact generated repeatedly through entirely different causal factors. Or else they are not generated at all by anything after several rigorous attempts, which meet the requirements of the theory.

When those same results can be generated from other factors, then the original hypothesis, and the theory it stems from, can be abandoned.

Nothing like that has happened with respect to any effort described here as the basis for Atheism. That rigor does not exist here.

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