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February 02, 2017


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For the Churchless record, I am one of Trump's " Wacko " supporters, a Deplorable to the extreme! Thru my EXRAY Vision, I see all Liberals as haters of America and Traiters, which includes most American Atheist and Exers on this list. Oregon, Washington, California should form their own Liberal country and invite all the Muslims to set up Shiria Law while smoking their Weed together. But Trump isn't as stupid as Liberals imagine. Some times the truth is stranger than fiction.

Petition to Preserve the Johnson Amendment


I'm so glad the baby boomer hippies and your neocon twins are losing power fast. I'd take a Christian theocracy any day over whatever multicult hell you've been prescribing for the past 40 years.

You're about 1/1000th as smart as you believe yourself to be. Many of your beliefs you take to be objective facts, and it is why the liberal world order is crumbling. You guys pushed too far and completely ignored facts about human nature that didn't serve your "we're all one!" fantasy.

I'm a baby boomer 'deplorable' too scared to speak out because of the hatred and vilification being spewed on anyone who even mentions Trump in a good light. And I don't even live in America. I watch as many positive youtubes about Trump that I can find because it seems the mainstream media worldwide is so biased against him. I think liberals are too naive and also behaving like spoilt children who didn't get their own way, violent protest marches, smashing windows, setting fires, attacking Trump supporters.

Interesting discussion happening with Sam Harris...

Ben Affleck, Sam Harris and Bill Maher debate radical Islam (10:05)


Sam Harris - The Facts about Islam after Ben Affleck debate: (14:10)


@ Jesse "I'd take a Christian theocracy any day over whatever multicult hell you've been prescribing for the past 40 years."

And what happens when the church chosen as the official one isn't yours? What if they decide that your church isn't "sufficiently Christian" to be allowed to exist?

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