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February 28, 2017


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Thanks for this.
The book you mention is also more or less at the top of my reading list, and it just became more promising

I studied meditation with Goenka, I like the practice a lot.
No guru trip put on a person, a simple, yet effective technique that is low on dogma and high on awareness. I say low on dogma because there is dogma, such as reincarnation, etc., however, Goenka did say to not accept any of the teachings if one found them to be dogma based, just practice meditation -- that was all the was required to gain the benefits.

As for this author, I have a problem with him being an 'Israeli', I'm into BDS, until such a time as the terror entity that calls itself 'Israel', stops its genocidal rampage of the Palestinians (and the surrounding countries, such as 'Israel's' involvement in the war on Syria, and its confiscation of a part of Syria during the 1967 war that is illegal -- no country can keep land confiscated during a conflict), etc., as I said, until such a time that 'Israel' becomes a law abiding country, then I'm into BDS, including promoting any books written by 'israelis'. Not to say the books may not have any merit, but because the person is living on Occupied Land: Palestine.

Adam Gopnik reviewed Harari's latest book "Homo Deus" in the 20 March issue of The New Yorker. Gopnik writes:

"Harari’s larger contention is that our homocentric creed, devoted to human liberty and happiness, will be destroyed by the approaching post-humanist horizon. Free will and individualism are, he says, illusions. We must reconceive ourselves as mere meat machines running algorithms, soon to be overtaken by metal machines running better ones. By then, we will no longer be able to sustain our comforting creed of “autonomy,” the belief, which he finds in Rousseau, that “I will find deep within myself a clear and single inner voice, which is my authentic self,” and that “my authentic self is completely free.” In reality, Harari maintains, we have merely a self-deluding, “narrating self,” one that recites obviously tendentious stories, shaped by our evolutionary history to help us cope with life. We are—this is his most emphatic point—already machines of a kind, robots unaware of our own programming. Humanism will be replaced by Dataism; and if the humanist revolution made us masters the Dataist revolution will make us pets."

My narrative self is somewhat dated, and this strikes me as more dystopian than I can wrap my head around. Is anything like this in the book you read?

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