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January 05, 2017


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Everyone suffers loss. The woman you quote says "Everything, each and every interaction, is full of meaning. Everything matters". She sounds like a 'doer' to me. What she is 'doing' in her interactions is making her happy and thats her feedback.

People who are all about 'service to others' don't realise that this is what makes them feel good. I used to like the saying "be a human being, not a human doing". This is extremely difficult - "just being".

I'm afraid I see people who are the 'doers' as having a very strong underlying ego and they don't even realise it. I just see attachment and ego. No-one seems to be able to live without this egoistic self and attachment to this world. I'm so over everything. Its no wonder many people look for something other than this.

Well, Jan Doig just about sums life up - as it is in reality - quite well. What more could we want than to live life as human beings aware of what/who we are without all the magical add-on's that infest our cultures.

The sun comes up and I have a chance to be kind to anyone who crosses my path because I can. I make that choice for myself and nobody has to tell me to do it. I am right with myself.

Well not really. If we believe the Universe to be deterministic (as any reasonable person should) then you can't really be nice if you just want it to. Many people want many things, doesn't mean it will happen. That's why life isn't really meaningless. You're here for a reason. That reason is the uncountable number of interactions, causes and effects that led you to being here. Not a "God put you here" reason, but a reason nonetheless.

Even in a physical, rational sense, everything does happen for a reason. So it has meaning. Maybe it's not as mentally satisfying. But that can be remedied by making some stuff up to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside if you so prefer. But any true naturalist can find solace in the fact that they're exactly where they're supposed to be, and going exactly where they're supposed to go, based on physical laws and cause and effect. So try to enjoy the ride, you can't really do anything else.

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