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January 13, 2017


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Purposeful versus purposeless
Most religions- including RSSB advocate a purpose.
Christianity – the purpose is for god to forgive your sins (by accepting Jesus), so you can enter heaven.
Islam – the purpose is to enter heaven – by accepting Allah as God and Mohammad as his prophet
RSSB – the purpose is to meditate so you reach Sach Khand
The purpose makes you miserable because you will only be happy once you achieve the goal – which is always in the future.
If life is purposeless – the you can live like a child again.
“Imagine there’s no heaven” – John Lennon.
Now you don’t have to imagine – there really isn’t.
Now you have the freedom to live as you choose without the burden of seeking God, Heaven or nirvana.
Of course you can still make goals in your life (like you might want to make money, pass your driving test, or run a business, or whatever else you choose). You will realize it is just a game – a play. Just for fun.
Because you realize life has no inherent purpose.
You are just not seeking a spiritual haven anymore.

osho - on no goals and no purpose


"life is purposeless"

-----Osho, how would you define life? Life is what the Mind makes it to be. The Mind creates purpose. Yes, in the absence of Mind, there would be no purpose. In the absence of Mind, there would be something other than Life. Say, non-conceptual existence?

If Bhagwan is such a clever guy, how come most of his sannyasins are idiots?

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