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December 07, 2016


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Meant to be or shit happens or life takes strange turns. Your Trump example is none of these. There is a reason why Trump won. Its because not everyone is living a comfortable life like you Brian. People are desperate for change. Trump gave them hope, he's different, he really sincerely believes he can make a change for the better and I think he will do the best he can. The Clinton supporters are like spoilt children who didn't get their own way. Probably because they are also enjoying comfortable lives and simply wanted a female to win. Not a good reason. We don't need another warmonger especially with the trouble happening in so many countries at this time.

Just watching the news on TV and they were showing an old video of Obama speaking and he says: "I was born and raised in Kenya". Checked on google and there are a few old videos of him speaking outright about his birthplace. Such fury when Trump brought this out in the open. Incredible how fake it all is.

The only thing that helps my peace of mind is to remind myself that all is illusion. I like this from Tom Campbell: We are free will awareness units operating an avatar in a virtual reality game...

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