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November 18, 2016


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Hello Brian - A Trump supporter here who just read and loved your Plotinus (Return to the One) book. That how I found your site.

Please don't worry about Trump - at least give him a chance. There are many reasons I voted for him. I know many others who did too. I'm in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN area. I am not a racist nor are my like-minded well-educated aquaintences. I have traveled widely in Asia many times and am no stranger to visiting Muslim countries. I am not dumb and uneducated. I have a University of MN degree. I tell you this so I'm not seen as a yokel.

I have to tell you that people who voted for Trump around here (probably many placdes) sure didn't say anything about their plans. Instant branding of racism, sexism, xenophobe would have been the result. It's become dangerous to publicly disagree with the left. So we just stayed silent and voted. For this reason I will not give my full name.

My reasons for voting Trump:

OBAMACARE (aka "Affordable Care" act): It's KILLING us. Destroying my livelihood (small business, self-employed), We can't grow! My payments go up 50 to 60 percent every year. The deductibles double every year. I can't afford it any more. It's expensive and worthless now.

Immigration and Entry laws need to be enforced and the law respected. I'm not against legal immigration. When I travel I need a passport and visas. Why is that not the case here? Why can't we know who is in our country?

Washington is rotten to the core. If anyone can shake up the system he can. I don't know if he will succeed or not. We need term limits - no lifelong politicians. Curtail the power of lobbyists!

I know I won't change any minds but please don't think that we are all racist (my wife is Korean, I am white), homophobic (just went to a gay wedding in Chicago last month), Islamophobic (have muslim friends in Indonesia & India), xenophobic, etc....

I was prepared to accept the loss to Hillary who I really disliked as candidate. I know Trump is not perfect but who is?

It's worrying to see what went down out west with the protests. I know that area. Been to Seattle, Portland, many times. My mom is from Salem. Why do protesters destroy their own cities?

I guess my main message is: don't worry and give him a chance, please.

And write some more excellent books, too. ;)


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