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October 02, 2016


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Looks like Trump likes her and is willing to meet with her because she is blond, not fat, and has big enough breasts for his taste. I bet he wouldn't accept a "spiritual advisor" who looked like Rosie O'Donnel, or who told him that God expected him to respect women, care for the less fortunate, or speak nicely to others.

He knows only 150 english words.
That's the reason he says things 2 or 4 times - to fill somewhat
The general population : 300 -500 words
Intellectuals 1000 - 2000 - 10.000


I've never seen so much hatred expressed toward someone like what is happening now in the media. The MSM is so biased against Trump. Is it because he is not the usual type of politician, he says it like it is, and puts his foot in it sometimes because he is actually honest. Hilary is the biggest liar with such a fake facade and married to a misogynist, cheating husband. But people will vote for her because she is 'politically correct' and there is a push to have a female in power.

Is this obvious bias accepted because people are used to listening to politicians who use doublespeak and make promises that they never keep? I think Trump is a refreshing change from the norm. I also think people are jealous of him because he is very wealthy. If Hilary gets into power you will have the same, nothing gets done, broken promises and there will be no change whatsoever.

I strongly agree with Jen. Trump is refreshing because he genuinely says what he feels. Focus groups do not determine what he talks about. I also agree with Trump's ideas regarding every plank in the platform: borders, trade, military, foreign policy, economy, police, inner cities, just to name a few. I do not care if he is a little rough around the edges. I prefer that to lies. As far as his spirituality is concerned, I could not care less. He is not running for Pastor-in-Chief. He treats women far better than Hillary does.

Trump is refresing like a cool breeze blowing in across an open sewer.

If Hillary becomes president, we will see a continual breakdown of the Constitution as we have seen with Obama - a move toward open borders, federal gun control (BTW, a national gun registry in all cases ends up with total gun confiscation), continuation of Roe vs. Wade (which BTW is unconstitutional - should be decided by the States), restrictions on free speech, attack on the free market, etc. The progressive left will do just about anything to silence the opposition. If you want to see America end up like socialistic Europe, then vote for Hillary. If you care about American liberty and the values that have made this Country great, including your right to be a voice of opposition, then Trump, however flawed he may be, is our only choice. Hillary must be stopped via the voting booth!

In April, Trump was asked for his favorite Bible verse. He answered "An eye for an eye."

One reference is here: http://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-gop-primary-live-updates-and-results/2016/04/trump-favorite-bible-verse-221954 ; readers can find many more discussions of this online.

Any regular reader of your blog will recognize this as confirmation of your thesis Donald Trump's "spirituality" makes a mockery of that word. I don't think I need to say anything else.

About mockery, or interpretation of spirituality, or religion, or law...

An 'eye for an eye' can be interpreted in different ways.

The biblical version is "An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also."

There is also...

"The meaning of the principle Eye for an Eye is that a person who has been injured by another person returns the offending action to the originator in compensation, or that an authority does so on behalf of the injured person. ... The root principle of this law is to provide equitable retribution."

And Hillary is already hitch-slaped enough to be totally out of question as being a valid and appropreate president, as much as having a female president would be the next reasonable thing to vote for, if one, according Christopher Hitchen (paraphrased), is into "getting her into an official political position. Never mind that running for president shouldn't be done to just get someone a job, for the sake of keeping some lying lunatics off the street."

Hi guys, have you seen these you tubes, the statistics of the likes and dislikes are interesting...

Published Oct 20, 2016

Full monologue: Donald Trump roasts Hillary Clinton at charity dinner


24/10: Trump: Views: 2,255.038 Liked: 21,278 Disliked: 5,040

Full monologue: Hillary Clinton roasts Donald Trump at charity dinner


24/10: Clinton: Views: 512,005 Liked: 3,760 Disliked: 3,826

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