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September 04, 2016


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Also check out Christopher Hitchens' video "Mother Teresa - Hell's Angel".


But if we were just entities made of flesh, why should we bother longing for God? (You wrote that you too long for God but nevertheless you know it is just an imaginary being). As a side note, I love your blog. You give me much food for thought and it is very likely I will post many comments on your old posts browsing the archive.

Who wants to be considered as a saint by the roman cathlic church anyway. In my perspective there are many saints right now here on planet earth without even knowing they are saints. They just do their job. For example, I personally consider Christopher Hitchens as a saint (RiP). And also my own mother.

A saint, in my definition, is someone who incarnated here on earth to do a particular job that is beneficial for all sentient beings. That can mean being a medical doctor, an honest investigative journalist, a comedian, a parent, a writer, etc.

Seriously, who cares what the RCC has to offer anyway. Their only message seem to be: Obey theocrasy! Else!

I think the dawn of Reason/Science and the dignity of Humanity can not be supressed for ever.

Anybody who does their job properly in a dedicated and dispassionate but passionate manner, helping humanity becomming wise and being able to think for themselfs, solving problems humanity suffers from, with a little help of all the information we have exess to by now, is considered a saint by me, And exposing what needs to be exposed can also be a part of the saint's job. So, Brian, feel free to be considered a saint.

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