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August 18, 2016


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Excellent. Thanks.

Which Christian values were presented that would suggest irrational thinking or a push toward a theocratic government? What policies did they present that made no sense to you in a modern world or were anti-scientific or fear-based? Would you please be willing to

To criticise the influence of "irrational religious beliefs" of voters upon governments & governmental policies is, imo, simplistic, obvious, easy to do & lazy. Though of course it is also very trendy to do so in many circles in our current zeitgeist. How cool, progressive & trendy of y'all!

But let's examine some of the more hidden implications of this lazy one-dimensional way of thinking.

Laurel writes "Wouldn’t it be better to vote for policies that make sense for a modern world, based on critical thinking and current scientific knowledge"

Well, we have an excellent set of data to examine this idea. The 20th century was THE century of secular, atheist & scientific based governance and policy making throughout most of the world. How did that turn out for us?

The bloodiest century in the entire history of man & the rise of the global dominance of the decadence of capitalism which continues to destroy the environment to the point of non-sustainability & potential irreversible global catastrophe.

Anyone who understands the history and evolution of the ideology which has driven all this, potentially humanity-destroying, "progress" of the 20th century will understand that this was caused by the rise & dominance of scientific materialism & atheism. It is demonstrable & undeniable.

How deep does one want to go?

With the rise of the dominance & appearance of control of science over nature, it created a false conceptual dichotomy between humans and nature. We lost sight of the fact that we are part of nature, based on the scientific illusion of separation of object and subject. We thought we could control nature without any blowback. I mean, we humans and our science are just SO powerful, aren't we? We can just keep on ripping down the rainforests, dumping toxic waste wherever & however we wanted, intensively farming animals...it's all good, we're all powerful!!

And what motivates this illusion of scientific power & control over nature? The increasing influence of secularism and atheism. Because, if there is no God, what is the point of life? Grab as much as you can as fast as you can and who gives a shit about anyone or anything else! The rise of capitalism! Planetary resources, fair distribution of wealth etc? What the hell are you talking about! Who cares, and why should they?

Now, to the uninformed, the above may seem like post hoc "just so" stories just to make a point. I strongly recommend a more thorough reading & research of the history of these influences, ideas, governments & scientists is undertaken if you do feel that. This is all undeniable & documented fact......it IS the illusion of scientific control & progress allied with secular philosophies which is now threatening to destroy humanity & the planet!

Let's not even take a look at those governments of the 20th century which based their policies on scientific (social darwinism? Ahh, you gotta love pseudo-scientific & secular ideology!) & secular thought. Nazis, communists and capitalists. The bloodiest century in humanities history, all powered through secular ideology & waged with weapons designed by some of the greatest scientific minds of that century.

I think a slow hand clap is in order here for our scientific and secular heroes who it is suggested in the above piece will make the world such an oh so wonderful & magical place!!

All it takes is a little bit of thought to see through such trendy, but essentially pointless & meaningless articles as the one above. It's not so complicated or difficult, the facts are in front of our eyes should we wish to open them.

Laurel writes "Some think religion is needed for morals, but why do predominantly atheist countries have the lowest crime rates (Japan, for example)"

Well, sorry, but this is profoundly lazy thinking again (and it should be obvious to anyone who knows anything about the Japanese.....I worked for a Japanese company). Read this article to get some sort of grasp on why these kind of posts are all about the posturing, but little to do with actual deep insight & understand. The world is a far more complicated place than these simplistic dichotomies allow for:


Oh well, I'll let y'all get back on with your secular crusades. :)

Thinking more about this, I am overcome by waves of absurdity, the dissonance between what is portrayed and what IS.

Over the years we've all heard, and agreed with, the idea of how ridiculous and absurd it is in modern times for governments, specifically as in this case the USA (and the west in general), to base their policies and ideas on religious concepts and values.

Well, I quite agree on a personal level.

Nobody I know, including myself, wants to live in a world controlled, defined & limited by the baseless fantasies and misunderstood myths of the Bible or Koran etc.

But here's the point......are we, on any level whatsoever, living in such a world? Is it silly religious beliefs and concepts which are causing all the global problems in the world today, specifically in the USA? Is that REALLY the dominant ideology of the USA?

There literally is no language suitable enough to describe the absurdity here in our delusional philosophical and ideological realities.

Jesus said give up everything and not to worry even about getting fed or clothed, just like birds, for even they are cared after by the "Lord".

Is this the average American or western person's perspective on life and the world? The most consumerist & capitalist country on the entire planet?

America is ostensibly a Christian country. But in reality, it is anything but. What commentators such as Laurel here in this piece are REALLY arguing against is nothing to do with REALITY, but with conceptual ideology. It's ALL in the head! Reality has nothing to do with it, which is why it is so easy to forget about the history of real-world secular & science based governments, such as Nazi Germany, Stalin's Russia or, errm, Capitalism's USA....

The "Christianity" of most American politicians, celebrities, sports people, AVERAGE people etc etc. is mere lip-service & token affiliation, a club membership where they have to attend a meeting several times a year (Sunday church, occasionally), do a little bit of work (charity drives etc) etc, all to maintain & uphold their position in society, and make themselves feel better and blessed or "chosen" on the most un-examined and superficial level.

This isn't REAL religion, REAL Christianity! America is and always has been a profoundly secular & scientifically driven country.......$$$$$$$$$ is God!!

Is there ANYBODY on the planet who, deep down, doesn't already know this?

And it is $$$$$$$$$$ which is the cause of most of the world's problems, including so called Islamic terrorism, environmental collapse, war etc

So articles like these make for nice, trendy abstract philosophical musings.

But reality is another matter entirely.

Well, Manjit - part of the cultural of materialism that you describe is also based upon our forgetfulness of what is means to value the "simple" in life - a meal with family or friends, a stroll along the river, a swim in a mountain lake, a hike in the woods, or planting a garden. You know, simple things that feed the soul! We're a soul-deprived culture so we spring toward the "material" thinking that it will bring meaning to our lives. As Thomas Berry once said, "We have lost our conversation with Nature" (or something close to this!). The sacred in life has been lost and that to me is tragic. And unfortunately, along with a loss of the sacred has come a break-down of the family.

"...a meal with family or friends, a stroll along the river, a swim in a mountain lake, a hike in the woods, or planting a garden..."

Just finished watching Al Jazeera English News and in comparison to the tragic violent lives so many people are experiencing in so many countries right now... and this is all you very very fortunate, lucky, spoilt people have to whinge about...

Good points Manjit and Bob.


There has never, that I know of, (letting aside some mythical Golden Age) been a time when man's inhumanity to man has not been present on the planet no matter what the religion or politics of the era. This rabid, crippled, tortured, vicious and tragic creature -- man -- has a string of poison running through him no matter place or time. The good old days? Human sacrifice anybody? Maybe like having your heart ripped out of your chest and eaten by an Aztec priest? Or how about that dance macabre -- the Massacre of Merindol in 1545, at the hands of the Papal and Provincal army of France? They slaughtered thousands of quiet, rural, Waldenses --- a small Christian sect. They took to skewering women on poles, and bashing in the heads of infants. Religion is not to blame. Neither is Capitalism. Or anything. Far as I can see man houses a twisted monstrosity inside of his larger primate chimp-like brain pan.... he is the most troubled, brutal, and bloodied creature of nature since the Tyrannosaurus. In fact from time to time, man makes the Tyrannosaurus look compassionate and sane. A failed creature means a failed God.....I wish it weren't so. Or maybe there IS a Satan twisting human nature in his bitter claw? Maybe the Gnostics were right! If you believe in "right" something is definitely wrong here, with man. At any rate we should never forget the total insane blood bath that is our history, throughout almost the entire planet, in all recorded history. OK, maybe a few isolated tribes managed to escape the disease that took over man's brain and heart --- but not many. (hey how is that for a rant?)

Hi Bob - I quite agree!

Hi Jen - it appears you feel it innappropriate for people to discuss the betterment or evolution of humanity, the finer & more enjoyable aspects of daily life or raise issues that question our ideals etc, all based on what particular mass media news output YOU'VE been exposed to on any given day? That sounds slightly odd to me, but each to their own!

Hi Somehere here before - I quite agree! My intention is not, and has never been, the promotion of any kind of theological governance as opposed to secular. Actually, I find the whole idea of that quite absurd. The intention of my comment was to highlight the absurdity, dogmatism, short-sightedness etc of ANY kind of ideology associated with governance, in this case blind & mindless allegiance & devotion to the idea of secular and "science based" governance, historically & indisputably the MOST horrific governance in the entire history of man (to date at least).

Hopefully humanity will get to a point where, in the global consciousness, the majority of people will begin to realise that such naive, simplistic dichotomies of secular/theological, believer/non believer, Islamic fumdamentalism/western right wing ideology etc etc are not really the point at all.

These are ALL just dressings, outer garments, and not the thing itself that matters; human nature. People who blame any particular ideology, belief, political ideology etc haven't really grasped reality on any insightful or meaning level imo. They've merely grasped superficial appearances. And by clinging to such superficialities, they merely perpetuate the issue/problem they struggle against, because by taking up the position of a dualistic opposite, they merely strengthen the "reality" of that which they oppose. Each feeds they other like an Escher drawing of two hands drawing each (let this be a metaphorical image to ponder for all those anti-Islamic westerners here, who completely ignore the west's inextricable complicity in the terrorism we're all so frightened by, btw)

Anyway, clearly rambling now & very little time to write, and almost certainly not of interest to anyone reading comments here....so cheerio my friends! :)

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