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July 17, 2016


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Hopefully the video will be reissued with the background music toned down a lot, it's far too loud and distracting. I gave up after a few minutes straining to catch what Sam Harris was saying.

Love this!

Being aligned is the answer.
love and compassion talents..etc..

It is very deep idd..
One cannot will what one will..
Where do we come from?
Where do we go?
What do we really know from deeply..,about ourselves?
That all makes sense in the ''no free will'' idea..feeling..knowing.

Any option of free will would have to be pure speculation, and would probably require consciousness to certainly be a phenomenon of the brain. Then, there are some options (which still are mostly irrelevant to our daily lives).

This all could be a computer game (rather than just a simulation), and in that sense "we" have free will, that "something" with perhaps free will would be deciding to play us.
This all could be a hologram, and the real us, with true free will, does exist somewhere else, and this is its projection.
There could be a "soul" outside our reality, which makes decisions and that manifests in our existence.
And possibly many other theories.

All of them are utterly pointless unfortunately. :)

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