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June 17, 2016


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About gun laws, especially whats happening in Europe:


"If anyone ever suggests that the security theater known as “gun laws” ever do good, please point them towards Sweden. So far this year we have had 30 explosives go off this year and one mass shooting along with numerous minor shootings. In response we got new gun laws in 2015 (it is not a new issue).
Of course now some politicians feel that we need even stricter gun laws for law-abiding citizens because of the insane situation here in Sweden. What they fail to see is that criminals have never used weapons that have ever been legal here (they smuggle them in to the country). Their laws do nothing."

Awesome Awesome Awesome.... I have done a little bit of this myself. No where at
this level though . Jurgen Ziewe not a gure, not looking for followers , just an
observer,reporter. Jurgen Ziewe MultiDimension realities Youtube

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