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May 12, 2016


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Hi Brian
before the reunion May 26 , it would be good to have your definitions straight
if not some Salem citizens will do

A NON-Religious individual often believes in God or an intelligent source of creation
I think most of them have a deeper insight than the flat-rate book based genre

An Agnosticus is somebody who isn't interested in this theological stuff and avoid the feel and discussion

An Atheist has a definite believe that no God or Source exists, which is non-scientific, . . denying the basic laws of Energy

When the Buddha declares : There is no God
He is definitely right which His explanation that
There is only Laurel Hines and She ( Laurels's deeper temporal unknown to Her Levels - )
has/ have created everything that exists
For better understanding and while this goes for each Soul , there were times_moments_environments were/when we did this in UNISON , together !
Many people don't like The Buddha's stand point because it implies that You are responsible for ugly things on earth c q in the universe and there is nobody else to blame

Next There is Hindu PolyTheism with its many Deities ( corresponding with catholic Saints, symbolising psychological needs ) which is also created and correct
and the same as Buddha's standpoint because
the "devoties" have made these Deities in existence
when they still had power to do this

Read the Bardo Todol, the tibetan book of the death describing hundreds of boddhisatwas ( psycho-needs-attachments -) - The book urges NOT to fall in these "such psycho structures"
which are so strong at death-time
but to concentrate on the Flame ( joti ) or Light at the end of a crooked tunnel ( aka NDE s )
Nice occasion here to repeat the exact middle of the Bardo Todal , the chapter that states:
"Only those who have during their lifetime- practised meditation under the guidance of a Saint, don't need these advices , because They have already detached themselves and will be drawn in to the light immediately"

Great Sound an Light for the Salem Society and I hope this will help to prepare

I think what Laurel want to state is that She just doesn't know
but that Religions often represent the devil and ugliness
as said by Krishnamurthy story here , two days ago

I completely sympathise with that and Laurel's opinion

A story Charan Told when I was in Beas :
A black man sadly on the lawn outside local church in tears
an old man joining him and asked what the problem was
the black : They don't allow me to come in and pray - no membership for me
The Old Man :
Don't be sad, . . I'm God and they deny me entrance too ( quickly paraphrased )


Brian--- Check it !https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbkgj5J91hE

Jim, that You Tube link is about Eben Alexander's ridiculous claim that he almost died and went to heaven. That extremely dubious assertion has been debunked in four blog posts I've written about Alexander. The bottom link has the most damaging evidence that Alexander isn't telling the truth.





Actually, as far as I'm concerned, God loves atheits most.

But....I'm not an atheist. Nobody is, in my eyes, who ever engaged in any kind of conscious so called spiritual practises. Everybody believes in something or someone anyway, right?

For example: Socialists are not atheits, communists are not atheits, social democrats (like I am) are not atheists, even existenitalists are not atheists, only PURE a-theists are real atheists. What does that mean? It means: IF you NEVER engaged in any kind of religious/spiritual/political so called path, you are a pure atheist. Else you are just not. Else you are, if you deny theism, you are an ANTI-Theist, which is a more accurate term for those who are utterly dissatisfied with theology, politics and other beliefe systems, as something of some value. A mere (pure) atheist is just someone who never even bothered in dealing in anything like that, whatsoever.

Be proud to be an ANTI-Theist and go for it. But don't confuse it with being an atheist.

Did I made myself under/overstandable so far?

And to make it more clear what I was driving at regarding the difference between being an A-theist and being an Anti-theist:

An ANTI-theist is someone who did (indeed) engaged in some sort of so called spiritual practize, like I did. And it either worked out the way that was intended or not. In my case it did AND did not. In my case theism couldn't spoil me (my original stance on things) in the long run.

An A-theists is someone who never did engage in any kind of religious/spiritual practize, ever. Someone who is just living his or her life in this realm by doing what can not not be done by those kind of fellas. "Seelig sind die geistlich armen."

An A-Theist, in that definition, is what you can all innocent. They do not know better.

An ANTI-Theist is what you can call a warrior fighting AGAINST theism by knowing what it is all about.

That is the difference.

You want me to elaborate on what is utterly wrong with the Bhagavad-Gita? Just tell me and I'm happy to elaborate on that one.

I'm an ANTI-Theist! And I definitely know why I am opposing such crap as theisim. THAT you can bet on.

This is an odd "discussion"? Faith in electron flow? The irony is delicious.

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