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May 27, 2016


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Brian Care to revisit the Eben Alexander subject?

Jim, no, I don't want to revisit Eben Alexander's made-up story about going to heaven.

I don't consider the "International Association of Near-Death Studies, Inc." to be a credible source of scientific information. I'll stick with reputable medical professionals and competent investigative journalists.

Also, remember the boy who supposedly went to heaven and also had a book written about this? Turned out he made the story up.


"I think therefore I'm Atheist."

Seems like people have just moved from one kind of sect or religion or belief system to another, or its a new path for those who had no previous belief system. Its like another 'awakening' , a new path of enlightenment to a more intellectual, scientific, much more respectable and intelligent kind of group. Even more elitist now because the atheist group is still quite small in numbers and waiting for more smart people to join. Reminds me of when I first became a satsangi. How it feels to be so special amongst the common crowd.

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