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March 01, 2016


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Very good. thanks

You mean you didn't have any heavenly experience ? Without that what's the point of any religion?

Nice post, Some thoughts:

Lately it has been a problem for Babaji to bring young educated males under the fold, even the ones from RSSB believing families, especially from the West. I think Youngsters especially Males, not born and brought up in RSSB following families, have nearly disappeared. Though in India Babaji is still doing fine.

Charan Singh before being Guru was a Lawyer with practically No income from the profession. Of course Gurinder Singh before being Guru was working in Malaga (Spain) drawing a salary of approx. 250,000 to 300,000 pesetas. ( equivalent to approx. €1500 to €1800 –exchange rate was €1 = 166.386 pesetas) Isn’t he better off now?

The goals of these Gurus change from time to time. Who doesn’t wants to live a good life. Nothing wrong! IMO, they have worked for it.
Could the life of Charan Singh and Gurinder Singh and their family members been that much luxurious and comfortable without their ascending to the throne (Guru Gaddi)?

Charan Singh, also had a great desire to expand the centers, buy properties but the main hindrance was finances. In the decade of 70s the organization missed lot of properties due to lack of finances. He too would have definitely expanded the business similarly like Don Gurinder Singh, if he had the possibility.

This is from a RSSB Newsletter: --(Draw your own conclusion-The Master Answers -by Charan Singh could also be helpful)

….The only way the mind will give up is by listening and following our beloved MASTER’S INSTRUCTIONS. We need to build a trust in him so solid and resolute, that whatever comes our way, we don’t doubt the path for a single second, and to get there, he tells us that we just need to FOLLOW.

….Follow not our minds, but simply follow the vows. Not resist. Not fight.. not implore him for inner visions, but JUST OBEY. Like he did, like Hazur did before him, and all the previous Shabd Masters did with their Masters.

…There are no quick fixes in Sant Mat. A true disciple must prove his or her mettle, and that can only be done by following the INSTRUCTIONS OF THE SANT SAT GURU.
Let’s imagine what life would really be like without our Master’s spiritual anchor, guiding us, protecting us, opening our consciousness degree by degree, sure-footedly taking us in the direction of our TRUE HOME.

The Master Answers -by Charan Singh could also be helpful

This is disguisting. Why is it so hard for people to realise? And poor kids, there is so much pressure from parents to "follow" the path. Can someone still tell me how all the gurus in RSSB are from the same family. And when they aren't, there are splits into different RS branches. So weird isn't it, "there's only one path" yet RS themselves have different branches.

Its so good to express yourself, well done.

You say: "... our beliefs are rarely formed by logic or fact, but rather by genetic predisposition, parental predilection, sibling influence, peer pressure, educational experiences, life impressions, along with societal and cultural influences."

Very true. No-one escapes these influences and people will naturally gravitate toward some kind of religion or faith to fill a kind of emptiness inside them which is seeking for something better in this world. Some endure and suffer horrific childhoods if born into a violent and aggressive family or country.

Compared to most people, being brought up in a satsangi family is really not that bad if you compare it to the thousands of poor families living in slums and suffering extreme hardships. Its a tough world.

Unburdening yourself with your written feelings about your upbringing is a good idea. Avoid doing the blame game. We all come to this blog to express our annoyances, especially with the way satsangis behave, lol. Is it really that important? Now that I am much older I like to forgive and forget and if you don’t like something don’t put yourself in that situation which annoys you.

Sorry, I’m preaching, but really life is very short and before you know it you are old and reflecting back into the past and thinking is it really worthwhile to carry grievances or is it better to love, have compassion and move on and be a better person than you are now.

Radha Soami was originally meant to be about having a personal experience and arriving at JIVAN MUKTI within a short time of practice. In other words it was meant to be a REAL PATH that you follow and get REAL RESULTS within a very short time. Then you can say that it is not a religion.

However the truthg is - it just goes on and on and on (like Ariston). In the UK, people used to believe that the speakers were advanced satsangis speaking from personal experience. Now its become clear that they are just giving out theory and towing the party line which is actually hypocrisy.

So if they are just giving out theory, how is this different from going to church every sunday?
It's the blind following the blind.

Radha Soami followers BELIEVE that they have found the truth and the only true path to God. Once they believe this - something happens. The belief take over their life and it appears to them that this is the absolute truth. To them - life is all about getting to Sach Khand and satsang affirms this belief and keeps them going. After a while it becomes THEM (non-believers) versus US. Isn't that exactly the same as all other religions. I went to a mormon meeting a few months ago just for laughs. I asked them how they know they are following the true path and they said - you just have to have faith and after a while, God shows you signs. RS is the same too.
All RS followers are brain-washed into thinking this is the true and only path. The chances of breaking free are pretty much zero.
Usually something dramatic happens before a RS followers will ever question the faith. Many years ago a very devout family in the UK lost all their children in a car accident - they all died. That did it for them - they said "What's the point of following this guru - if he can't even take care of our children"
Of course RS has an answer - it's that magical word again - Karma.

Many years ago one could have argued that sant mat is about personal experience and it's not just a belief. However, it's now very different. You just follow it and know that there's no personal experience.

Yep some are blind followers and many may hate them some are religious some are atheists and some pretend they are in the room full of people and lie that people can transform in one day.

I have been visiting beas and other centers since 1985. one of my uncle was literally thrown out of beas hospital due to some controversy of her daughter's marriage. Uncle is a practical follower of RSSB. Ideally he should be against RSSB. I am very close with him since i was 5 years old. He is very literate and has studied all major religious texts and he says that he is following the current path from his inner experiences. He is around 80 years now. Why should i not believe him.

It gives me great satisfaction mentally visiting these satsangs.In today's chaotic confused stressed world at least i have a direction in my life. I am part of this universe and for few years of existence in this world i know what i should do for peace and happiness.

You shouldn't believe him because you haven't experienced it yourself.

You shouldn't believe him because you haven't experienced it yourself. Also 80 is perfect for all types of hallucinations.

This path, like all the other meditation paths, are a dead end, a waste of time and life, and bring nothing but misery and destruction in the end. Usually what happens to a person is that they have some kind of mystical experience and their meditations produce enough fruit in the beginning to keep them going - but after a short while all the good stuff leaves and they spend the entire rest of their lives trying to get it back and usually failing.

One of the worst things about all this spiritual crap is the "kundalini". Most people on these paths never ask a very simple question: why is it necessary to endure this absolute bullshit (kundalini) simply to know the "truth"? You hear all kinds of horror stories about physical, mental and emotional pain, sexual deviancy, suicides, obsessions, depression, panic symptoms and the list goes on and on. Why? How can such a thing have anything to do with "God"? They are told by these "gurus" that you have to go through a bad period like this as a necessity before you get to the good stuff - the stuff that never arrives.

Out of all the famous gurus in the last century you can count them with your fingers - where are all the "enlightened" disciples of these gurus? Their job description is supposed to make sure their disciples become gurus too and yet they are nowhere to be seen!

What is even worse is that there are people like the owner of this website that continue practicing meditation even after giving up their spiritual beliefs! It's like a drug they can't do without. And that is really what all this crap boils down to - all this shit is making people high instead of finding the truth.

Here's a piece of advice to everybody on this website: take the shortcut - just get possessed by a spirit (or so called spirit, if you don't believe) and that is the end of the matter once and for all. You have become enlightened now and you don't need decades of slogging along meditating for nothing except headaches, lack of sleep, prostate cancer, pains in the body, muscle twitches, spasms, jerking, death-destroying diets, prayer that doesn't work, mental anguish and despair, severely painful headaches, neuroses.

"Oh, but you are wrong there. Meditation has been proven to produce relaxation benefits and clarity of mind" NONSENSE!!! NO IT HASn'T! All the major secular studies of meditation have shown that the opposite is the case - simple relaxation is achieved much better by regularity of sleep, a 20 minute nap, exercise and a healthy diet! In fact, exercise is so much more effective that one of the more prominent researchers of meditators gave up looking into it after simply studying the physiological effects of exercise in comparison!

Outside of the secular studies you have the studies conducted by the proponents who are usually from some Hindu group or New Age related group. And the one thing they LEAVE OUT of their conclusions is ALL THE BAD SHIT THAT CAN HAPPEN to people that meditate. If this isn't enough to tick you off to what is really going on here you are a lost and hopeless case I'm afraid.

"Meditation is like everything else in life. It is like a knife or a gun. It can be used beneficially in the right hands or it can be dangerous in the wrong hands". BULLSHIT!! Absolute bull!

Walk into the fire first and get burned and you will you WILL come out the other end. - That is my response to such nonsense.

All these "gurus" are POSSESSED. Go to India and probably the people will tell you the same thing. They use the "shortcut" method - public possession rituals - and then go back to their day job. HAHAHA!

JA... WELL...NO...FINE!!!

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