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February 15, 2016


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Well Brian, my ‘Aha’ moments arise from all sorts of situations – and situations that may not produce similar ‘aha’ moments for others. For instance; while watching David Eagleman’s programme about the brain the other day, at some point mention was made of the brain and body working as one organism. Being of the opinion that the mind is a construct composed of information and the self is derived from that and often musing how the brain works with regard to the body and its environment, at one point in the programme the ‘of course’ moment arose.

They also manifest while reading, writing, in the countryside, listening and watching people or meditating. There is (dare I say) a similarity to those who profess to having a religious experience. I wonder if the ‘aha’ moments derive from our own mind predispositions in that they are a confirmation of our current biases. In that sense to me, they are perfectly natural; perhaps to be acknowledged and let go – and not make (as some may) an affirmation of their particular beliefs.

For me, the concept of being a brain/body interacting and being interacted with the environment (universe) is a thought that is often the last thing that enters my head before sleeping.

Turan, your comment also is nicely said. I guess the briefer version of my Aha! is this:

I spend a lot of time thinking about future events that I envision will make me happy. What I've come to realize is that being more aware of right now -- the present state of my brain/mind/body -- also makes me happy, and this is way more real than imagining a future state of happiness. So, give up the future thought and embrace now-reality. (Unless planning for the future is really necessary, which usually it isn't, because mostly the future takes care of itself.)

nicely said.
just be.

If I can't sleep, I just do my mantra. And my mantra is not given to me by some fake guru. It came to me by paying attention as a seeker. And then...suddenly...that mantra (a phrase of words/sounds) came to me and it worked. Always. It's like a sleeping song. But it also is like waking song. I know that sounds as if it contradicts itself, but that's how it works for me. I don't do that mantra very often anymore. I sing my own songs by now. But sometimes I still need it. It's like a Schnuller, like as if I'm sucking my own thumb. And since I'm an adult, that does not happen too often anymore.

Anyway...what I wanted to say is, IF you wanna get banned from some forum, called spiritual-teachers.org, for speaking your mind in a funny, forcefull but non-violent manner too often, that's the place you gotta go. It's a new-agey-pseudo-advaita-vedanta playground for immature minds, who think themselfs being"enlightened". Give it a try. It's fun to experience.

I'm not complaining. I'm just saying: Truth is not appreciated where Truth is too much for those who don't enjoy it themselfs.

And what is Truth anyway? Zerzly. There's not much to gain from it. It's a loosing-game. But how sweet that way of loosing is, one has to find out for oneself.

Thanks for this concept, and good idea to write when you can't sleep, I might try that in future as sometimes i just have so much going on in my head that it creates a bit of adrenalin and keeps me awake!!

You are doing good by writing what you feel / felt. We (the accidental visitors) can get to know and understand you better.
I am almost walking on your footsteps. From being a religious person to member of organised religion to fact finder and now an individual flying in the universe on public utility vehicle fondly called Earth.
My closeness with RSSB brought me far from religious attitudes and allowed me to pursue Zen and Sufism. I got interested in Tao and other religions/ organised religions across the world. That forced me to wiki it and find that most ways are same.
Now finally I am an individual who is constantly flying in universe. Day and night is just a matter of place and time where we are w.r.t. Sun and it's affects on our body.

It's just pass 2 Am here and yes I am trying to again go sleep..

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