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February 24, 2016


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Brian Cox writes: "I believe in UFOs."... "But I do not believe for a moment that these were spacecraft flown by aliens."

So, who then is behind this phenomena? Humans must have this technology and we are not being told about it.

Wish people would stop calling them 'flying saucers'. An unidentified flying object 'UFO' makes much more sense.

My friend and I witnessed a UFO, totally silent, moving through the night sky. Came out from behind the block of apartments where we were living. Not a saucer shape, lights defining a V shaped object.

Can't talk about it to people because its made out to be all stoopid X-Files type nonsense. So much brain washing and programming.

I think most people are so focussed on whats happening on the surface of this planet and if they only took the time and looked up at the night sky more often they would see some amazing stuff. The satellites look like stars moving across the sky but if you're lucky whoever or whatever can drop their cloaking device and you will see something extraordinary.

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