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February 17, 2016


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You’re not alone in asking such questions - although perhaps we all tend to ask it from our own particular sets of information. For me, this question of cosmic significance is intimately tied up with the brain, body, mind, self phenomenon.

As my self is composed of all the information that is my mind, it is in the habit of imposing this randomly accrued data onto life and the universe. The moment I come into contact with reality – as best as that can be perceived from my limited senses, as well as the slant my brain exerts on it – I am (at times) aware of how my particular conditioning, my thinking re-interprets it.
This includes me wondering about significance or meaning. I see that it is my mind (my peculiarly personal set of information) that, quite naturally imposes meaning onto what is observed. But, I can see that the universe does not need any meaning from me, it just is.

I suppose as humans we feel safer when we believe the meanings we conjure up – which is perhaps why concept of Gods and the supernatural is so widespread amongst us. No doubt it is the fact that our brains have developed a unique and complex self-structure that it needs protecting – and I guess our habit of imposing meanings provides this security.

I’m having difficulty expressing what gives meaning to me, apart from the meaning that comes from just being alive and being part of this – well, whatever we like to call it.

I totally agree that the god-concept, any god-concept, has become a threat for humanity. "God" is now something to seek for and to search for. Well..."god" is just a word. And it is surely is not a word that can easily defined what it is all about like the word table is. That makes it so dangerous and slippery.

Some seem to have a monopoly on defining the term "god". And these are the ones who highly benefit from it by letting others seek for its meaning. It's like as if someone once invented some word, like for example...Fnut...then declaired that Fnut is something everyone must obey to. Because Fnut is "the" truth. And all who don't know what Fnut is, are un-worthy, silly and to be shunned.

I think the trick, the god-concept trick, is exposed nowerdays pretty nicely and that's good to know. Nobody needs Fnut anyway, because Fnut is a made up term to "divide and conquer".

Fnut's days are over. A god-concept that does not deliver is just this: A fraud, a deception, a lie.

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