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February 08, 2016


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So many ex-satsangis look for comfort in either taking up their old religious beliefs or finding other methods of belief. Science does not believe in a soul or spirit and probably the universe is wholistic but I don't live in a world of comfort. I see, feel, experience duality.



"Why does duality occur? It occurs because the soul wants to study its own nature. Soul is composed of spirit (just as a brick is composed of clay); thus, soul is studying spirit. But spirit is a homogeneous substance; thus, it cannot be studied in its totality. Instead, soul uses various functions (which are analogous to our physical senses) to perceive spirit's individual aspects, i.e., its "archetypes." When soul looks at spirit through these "senses," it perceives archetypes as they would appear in various "material dimensions" -- mental, emotional, and physical. In these "dimensions," an archetype expresses itself in a duality simply because of the nature of these dimensions..."

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