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February 19, 2016


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I would want to re-phrase it to: A supreme-court that is supporting a certain tradition of holding up FREEDOM and LIBERTY under the premise of "humanity's dignity is untouchable" would be nice to have. And we do have it.

Humanitys dignity, as defined by me:

1.) EVERY human being is supposed to have shelter (housing), food and water, basic education and tools to express ones beingness for free. As a given birth-right. Ownership of "property" of any sort MUST be justified by reasonable and just laws properly. That's not the case right now.

2.) The RIGHT to be able to either accept and/or to deny a particular political view-point on how, by whom and in what manner humanity wants to be "governed" by must be the most important thing humanity has to have the ability to choose freely. Without being manipulated by propaganda and other means of manipulating humanity's own mind-set. Those who run the political show right now "know not what they do."

3.) Stuggling for survival, by being forced to be a (unconscious) slave of the ideas and concepts of those who are seemingly in "power", is NOT what human dignity is all about. Humanity is NOT supposed to be enslaved by irresponsible morons, who (unlawfully) claim to have the right to rule.

4.) Freedom of choise, after proper education is applied to all humanity for free, THAT is what human dignity is all about. AFTER the very basic human needs are met for FREE, a human being can choose freely to be educted by whom and what party a human being chooses to be educated by.

5.) Absolutely nobody benefits from the capitalistic ecconomical system right now. Not even the ones who seem to run and promote it. If utter stupidity is running the worlds ecconomical system, for the sake of being in control, nobody benefits from it. Not even the ones who seem to. The pollution of the environment can not be denied any longer. This is NOT a clean, healthy and beneficial world we all live in. By no means.

"If there is no water to drink from anymore, you will experience that you can't drink money."


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