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January 17, 2016


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Brian knows there is no God.

David R, you're wrong. I know that there is no demonstrable evidence for God. That fact leads me to conclude that almost certainly there is no God. In the same way, I strongly doubt the existence of fairies and unicorns. They might exist, but almost certainly they don't.

You need to think about this more clearly. Religious believers often say, "You haven't proven there is no God." True, it is very difficult to prove the non-existence of something. Science and common sense don't work that way.

I don't spend my day trying to prove there is no pink elephant in our living room. If someone asked me to do this, I'd reply, "I don't perceive a pink elephant. Neither has anyone else who has come into our house. If you do, it's your job to prove that one exists in my living room; it isn't my job to prove that it doesn't exist."

All kinds or religious/spiritual stuff anybody experiences or not, should be kept private. And also the non-experienced stuff, some argue about, by having a web-side...or two or three...

Why and what for trying to prove something as being not the case in merely philosophical terms?

If you don't have HIV, you can be proven to not have it by scientific means.

All else, all pseudo-philosophical claims of someting NOT being the case are just this:

Peeing against the wind.

Brian there is pink elephant in your room.

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