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January 07, 2016


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Would you like to go back to RSSB Delhi and see how Gurinder Singh Dhillon (present Baba) has gobbled up a whole 15-acre campus of Sawan Public School having thrown out nearly 100 employees mercilessly?

Brian you say: "In my experience, feeling like a normal, average, run-of-the-mill human being is more pleasant than feeling like you've been chosen by God (or a guru) to fulfill some divine purpose."

So you are now enjoying the sense of belonging with 'normals' as I call them :) I agree its not good to feel like a chosen one, different and feeling separate, which sometimes makes for quite an isolated existence. It is good to change old belief systems and also to keep on changing and evolving and following a path of self discovery.

Nice little youtube video ...

Maharaj Charan Singh: Q&A - 'Knowing Thyself'

Published on Jan 8, 2016


Charan said :
If you find something sweeter than the Sound Current, ...
I will join you :)


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