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January 02, 2016


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Great Brian

You are a good Satsangi
Now listen a little bit above your eyes
how lovely the quarks and the little waves sound

Happy 2016 for you and your wife


good you don't live in the city
You couldn't stock all the books :)

Have you tried the Spiritual Naturalist Society?


I did a podcast with them recently on meditaiton


There are some online chats for members.

SecularMeditate, I'm familiar with the Spiritual Naturalist Society. I even wrote several essays for them on a regular basis for a while -- until we had a philosophical disagreement about the meaning of "spiritual."

Here's the blog posts where I told that tale:



Here is my definition of what "spirituality" is. It begs the questions: Why and what for are there "spirits", who seem to be dis-embodied in the so called spiritual realm anyway? How comes such "entities" exist and interfere with humans? Why and what for is "spirituality" even neccessary and/or needed? How comes that not EVERY human being is naturally self-realized without seeking and searching for "truth" in the first place?

To me it seems to be highly un-natural to be a seeker for self-realization. Self-realization should be as natural and normal for a human being as learning how to walk and how to talk. It just comes natural .

Being a seeker for "truth" is a big disgrace...but not for the seeker. For those who recommend seeking as a means and a method for "truth" and/or self-realization it's a big disgrace, because it is not supposed to be like that. It's embarrassing for an adult to run around from teacher to teacher for the sake of getting to know oneself. It is NOT supposed to be like that. And all those fake spiritual teachers should tatoo that fact onto their foreheads so the seekers can know "who is who and what is what."

It is hard then to understand the nature of GOD. Informative article though

Praise be to God Almighty - Matt 19:26.

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