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January 12, 2016


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Ouch ! That kicked me right in the ignorances .

The maker of these videos is incapable of being serious in any situation at any time. There is nothing to actually take seriously from him so why would people believe he is somehow wise?

The joker clown in the king's court is not like this guy. The former uses actual funny jokes to make people laugh whereas the latter is more like some existential depression of sarcasm without substance.

No thanks. I don't want to poison my healthy mind with this pretend quasi-intellectual dribble.

Here you go.. the ultimate guru... Jesus rocks!


Oh Jen---I can honestly say that as a devout follower of Jesus Christ, I STILL laughed out loud at the video you posted. It's nice to know that even though I love Jesus, I still have a rather naughty sense of humor.

For the sake of the readers, would like to correct a fundamental mistake in the above video:

(It might be intentionally misrepresented by the speaker with the intention that it will be funny, but for those who may wish to seek literal meaning):

The word "Guru" has not been derived from Kangaroo as misrepresented in the video.

The word "Guru" comes from the complete word "Gurutwakarshan" which is a hindi word which in english means "gravity". Literally, 'Guru' means one who has the gravity and capability to pull someone from his own force and put him on the right direction and path of the given context.

In the Indian schools, in hindi language, the school teacher is also being called as "Guru" because the school teacher with the gravity of his wisdom helps the children get on the right path of enlightenment of education.

In India culture (and is true for the world), the Mother of a child is considered as the first "Guru" of the child, for she teaches her baby the basics of the life.

Hi One

I always thought it was Bringer of Light in Sanskrit

But gravity impresses me more
He who masters gravity , included the Black Holes, . . . easily . . .
That's what I need


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