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January 26, 2016


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God is a belief implies worshipping a God is worshiping a belief. A statement claiming that different religions are worship of the same God is therefore a statement to claim that worshipers of different religions have share the same belief about God. This can be considered offensive by some. I don't see anything to get worked up about whether either belief or "God" is real or not.

But since when is reality measured by lack of evidence ? Imagine if our legal system operated that way: we could have situations such as "We can find no evidence that you did not kill Mr John Doe, therefore the court finds you guilty ! "

I have yet to find any real evidence that the objective causal world is a true reality. Think about, it, the only way our consciousness becomes aware of our so called objective reality is through the electro-chemical signals passing from our sensors to the brain. Its quite possible to interrupt those signals and provide a similar but different reality which can seem just as real. Certain recreational drugs can do this, DMT for example. What evidence is there to prove the objective causal reality is true? Actually, all our awareness is subjective, and the direct influence of individual consciousness has been shown to have considerable impact on this so called objective reality. Have a look at the research done by PEAR group from Princeton. They are far from the only ones, with NASA and Stanford having equally interesting projects.

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