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December 26, 2015


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Seeking, I think I can help you here. God is not a man.

If you need any extra help, don't hesitate to ask.

Q: Can anybody help me? I studied Kirpal, Taoism, Mooji and Baljit. Years ago, a friend I care very much about was initiated by a disciple of Baljit. For some time I had considered an initiation, as well. However, I am not sure whether I can follow the strict rules (no eggs!) even though I am almost a vegetarian and barely drink. So, here my questions: Can unguided meditation lead to confusion or even harm? Can anybody share experiences with a living master and explain why it is so important to be connected to one? Thank you!

A: Meditation is a word that is used to describe many differing methods and mental states. It depends what your objectives are. For example, back in the late 1960's I read books that introduced me to the idea of meditation. I meditated and enjoyed the experience and experiences that occasionally came with it. It was a meditation that was simply 'being' and I liked the state. It didn't however go beyond that. In 1971, I assimilated a structured teaching that used a specific meditation method. This taught me something more than simply 'being' and I have stayed with it ever since.

Everything depends upon what your objectives are. Maybe simply try something for a while without formal commitment. I doubt that you will become confused or do harm to yourself. Give yourself time for your objective to manifest or to mature. I repeat - the word 'meditation' can describe many different things.

The other question to ask of yourself is, 'Do I want a guru, or do I want a teaching with a method that I can implement myself?' Or maybe you would like both. There are different possibilities that only the individual can decide on which suits them.

Hi Seeking!

You asked
"Can unguided meditation lead to confusion or even harm? Can anybody share experiences with a living master and explain why it is so important to be connected to one? Thank you!"

1. Meditation is extremely healthy for most people, but not everyone, hence the utility of a good teacher and your own judgment. Like any other activity. Ski the bunny slopes first. They don't require much instruction or guidance. And just playing in the snow doesn't require any.

2. The experience of a Master is highly personal, but not beyond comparison to any physical relationships : some teachers, some friends are sincere and helpful, others are not, a few are just interested in using others for their own gain.

Seeking: I will share, I didn’t think there was a danger in self meditation with no protection or true mantra to guide me.

For about three years, I meditated using instructions from various books and did get far in terms of personal release of old wounds, repair and understand past experiences, and generally clear my mind. However, in 2008, I had a profound awakening experience that showed me that I had attracted a lot of energies to myself by opening my spiritual body wide open without protection.

I went through a intense cleansing process of releasing these energies/entities coming close to meeting the devil/sustaining power himself. I was shown Jesus did, in fact, walk on this Earth, was the son of God, and did get nailed to the cross as a symbol of salvation to humankind. (I actually got to experience watching Jesus pulling the cross right before he was nailed to it, as if I was there, I heard the conversations of the people of the time and witnessed it first hand).

After the release of entities that had attached in my meditations (or what I considered to be lost souls that had attached to my being, there were 100s), I felt that I was going through the pain that is felt when the soul leaves the body at the time of death. I felt the pain of a 1000 needles slowly going up my spine from the tailbone up to the brain/head. At the point of the head, my soul felt released, and there I had the strongest vision of Jesus (multicolored white bright light, the brightest I have ever seen) and a dove. I felt that I was supposed to die but God interfered and wanted me to remain on Earth.

However, this was only the beginning.

After the experience of all this, I felt that Jesus was the one and only true savior but I was still learning.

I got heavily involved in the Catholic Church, feeling like the reading meant much more to me than they had in the past (which they did) but I felt something was missing.

I tried meditating but I got scared on several occassions because I started to hear evil entities interfering and I felt I could not continue meditating unless I protected my energy (to avoid more energies attaching themselves to me).

At this point, I became very depressed (I had never been depressed before or after this time) because I felt like I was shown another world that was filled with love and light but was forced to stay here on Earth (like a tease at being shown something much better than life on Earth but not being allowed to stay there).

I felt like every moment, I was waiting to be invited to the world I had experienced and I felt if the only way to get there was to leave the body or die, why was I still here. It was tortuous, I didn’t feel like there was a way out except death (since meditation was closed off).

I started asking God for the way out of this existence that did not involve death (as I could never commit suicide and I knew that would only be a temporary and not permanant release). I was shown that I needed to learn how to seperate my soul from my body, safely and with protection from someone that was already able to do this and could help others learn how to do it themselves.

I started to intensely look for my mentor and teacher (my teacher may not be yours but I don’t care because I was searching for my teacher and not everyone’s teacher).

I looked intensely for months with no avail, growing more depressed by the day that maybe all teachers/gurus are really fake and there is no way out of the world except at the time of death. I was also worried about following on of many self proclaimed gurus that lead seekers away from their true teacher.

It was when I was at my lowest point that I opened my local paper from the South Suburbs of Chicago and saw Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaji speaking at Veggie Fest (that had already passed over the weekend) but that particular day was his last day and the day of initiation.

The first time I met Rajinder Singh Ji, He was so bright and radiating white light that I could not get my eyes to fully focus on him and he experience was so overwhelming to my senses, I kept being brought out of the body and back that I barely could tell what happened.

Even though I had these experiences, I choose to wait and test the path He taught by asking God and testing myself with the help of God’s guidance if Rajinder Singh Ji was my teacher (again my teacher, not yours, yours may be another person that you are more spirituality connected to). I got initiated six months later, and I anytime I continue to test of this teacher and path are best for me, I am shown on multiple different levels that I am on the right path.

This is only the begging of my experience with my spiritual teacher but all of this came out of my genuine cry to God in January 2008 to be brought back Home and be taken out of this world to merge back with God. I saw that this world was a mirage/matrix that I no longer wanted to pretend that anything in this world mattered more than being in God ultimate home which is merging back to the source of which we came, the Creator.

What I will tell you is this, everyone is a critic and everyone has different experiences. Just because one person had a negative experience, doesn’t mean you will.

No one will ever convience me that Sant Rajinder Singh Ji is not my spiritual teacher and a fake, no one. Based on how I was lead to the path and found my teacher on my own, it would be the equivalent of having someone tel you that your mother is not your mother, that the love of your life is not the live of your life, or that your children are not your children. The love I have for my teacher is more than all of those combined and that could never be taken away by critism.

My teacher may not be yours but that does not mean that he is a fake and the path is a sham or a cult. That is a ridiculous statement from those that have their own spiritual journeys and other teachers or religions that are best suited for them. It does not mean one has to be right and one had to be wrong.

I can not begin to explain the blessings I have received from God after being introduced to the path best suited for me.

A teacher will help protect you in the inner journey and be a companion for life (and the after life. Through Him you can learn to die while living. You can access the gift of eternal life before death. The way out of this world that does not involve permanent death of the body. And you will receive protection in your meditations and your outer (worldly) life. I have not had any issues with not feeling protected during meditation after getting initiated at the end of 2008.

I feel Jesus was also a perfect Master and he helped me be receptive to finding the Christ Consciouness in the present day. The Christ Consciousness is in each and every one of us. What I was shown was that Christ walked this Earth with mankind but he has always been there and will never leave us. If you ask Jesus for help finding the human pole who is the Christ of the times you will see that no religious texts or beliefs regarding the Creator or god are competing with each other but actually are all saying the same thing.

Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit were my saviors and lead me to my living teacher, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaji.

Elle, thanks for sharing your story. You are a mystic. That means your desire is God alone and you will renounce everything to achieve that goal. Most people are not suited to being on this path. It is for the few, not the many. Most religious people in this world get glimpses of God and other realities but their paramount desire isn't God.

I feel that Jesus is like a world saviour. Many consider him (that is, Christians) to be their Master or guru. But in their terminology Jesus to them is God. The distinction is very subtle and always seems to lead to conflicts with other people of different beliefs. But the point I'm trying to make is that where bad or evil spirit entities are concerned, a lot of people turn to Jesus and Jesus tends to show up to help. His role in the world, spiritually speaking, is ongoing.

The guru acts as protection from these negative spirit entities, regardless of who your personal guru happens to be.

I've read of some people that were into Yogananda who said that God told them to join the Catholic church. And other Christians who were not into Catholicism who said God told them to join the Catholic church too. A lot of protestant Christians are against Catholicism with aggressive zeal. But the point is, we are all on our individual spiritual journeys depending upon our spiritual evolution, so it is bad to ridicule other religious or spiritual beliefs. This blog is atheist, but many atheists become religious or spiritual later in their lives. Tolerance for other's beliefs is very important in a world that is going madly intolerant.

Hi D. r.

Maharaji 's kids were sent to a Catholic school, and he told us in a meeting

"Sister, we are all following Christ."

Elle, you say:

"I went through a intense cleansing process of releasing these energies/entities coming close to meeting the devil/sustaining power himself."

"Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit were my saviors and lead me to my living teacher, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaji."

A vivid imagination and a strong desire for spiritual experiences will manifest all sorts of visions and events that seem so very real and will justify one's cravings for something more than this mundane physical life.
I think that when we understand how powerful we ourselves are and over time extract ourselves from giving away our power to another (some guru or this Jesus meme that people get attached to) then we are making progress. These energies/entities are actually you freaking yourself out!

Take back your own personal power, feel your own spiritual strength. Its not ego its your own spiritual inheritance.

Jen, why do you filter and basically re-write Elle's comments into what you can tolerate?

The world doesn't have to confirm to the rules you prefer.

There might be other rules.

Things might be exactly as Elle wrote.

Or some third thing none of us knows.

But if you are actually going to accept what she wrote, then you will have to accept it as she intended.


I thought this blog was about offering different opinions. You do that don't you? You do much more preaching than I do...

Jen, the normal imagination is a very weak power and nothing at all to do with spiritual experiences. You must be like Brian - decades of meditation and nothing to show for it. It is sad when that is the case but you are simply just wrong in declaring that other people's experiences are illusions and imaginations. The world is a pretty big place and there are lots of weird and wonderful things therein, much more than you probably realise.

Hi D.r,

No, I haven't spent "decades of meditation and nothing to show for it". I am actually glad that I was initiated into Sant Mat some 40+ years ago. Happy that I still follow the principles. I don't indulge in lust, anger, attachment, greed and ego - well not that much anyway! lol.

I replied to Elle's comment because she reminded me so much of how I was when initiated into Sant Mat. I had no confidence, was willing to give my personal power away to a Master who I did not really know. Now I think of it simply as a kind of path or transition for finding oneself eventually and being content with oneself, without having to strive to be some kind of perfect being (which was how I saw the path initially).

I think I have evolved into being more of an open, natural and uninhibited person now. No longer striving and putting some guru on a pedestal. Its just a journey and I wish Elle much luck in her path of discovery and finding her true self.

I do agree that the world is full of weird and wonderful things and I have experienced such, and continue being amazed and intrigued.


I'm a consultant. Preaching is both my strength and failing.


" Followed " a Sant Mat guru for almost twenty years although it wasn't Rajinder. There seems to be alot of confusion over "true lineage". Sant mat, I believe, is a religion, much like most religions in the common beliefs they all share:
1. We are fallen, and as such, we are dirty, filthy, sinners not worthy of God.
2. "Masters" are not fallen dirty sinners and therefore are our only way out of the illusion that is this world.
If anyone subscribes to these two points, they are eventually led to believe that the only way to "find God" , be "safed" , or "reach enlightenment" is by way of something or someone outside of yourself that eventually becomes your object or worship or deification. I believe this is the same as giving up your own human free will and inner power. Whether in personal, political, or religious circles, in life, it seems humanity is preoccupied in feeling comfortable with either being told what to do or having someone else do it for us. Eventually responsibility must come down to the individual or you're just being used for someone elses agenda. Don't give your power away. If you don't believe humans are afraid of their own responsibility to themselves and each other, ask yourself, does the word power have a negative connotation in your opinion? These "saviors, gurus, teachers, masters, etc." their bodies are not going to "save you", whether living or dead. Their teachings, given you believe their teachings BECAUSE OF PRACTICAL EXPERIENCES YOU'VE HAD THROUGH THESE EXPERIENCES AND NOT THROUGH BLIND FAITH OR SUCCUMBING TO POPULAR TREND, may be what are truly to be cherished, but not the teachers themselves. I think anyone who will have you believe that all you have to do is use the third eye is more than likely personally benefiting from the imbalance this may cause when you ignore balancing of ALL your chakras. It's YOUR journey. If man is ever to grow beyond the current situation we are in, we have to stop deifying that which is outside ourselves and take responsibility for our own power, unless we will be conned in to giving it over to someone "holier than thou". Please understand, I was raised christian, doesn't matter, whether hindu, muslim, buddhist, whatever, if you're being told someone else can or will save you, use your heart and your head and don't give in to some fear of "hell" they will try and sell you. We exist to learn, and because we are still learning, we still exist. Do we as a species still really believe that its all about being rewarded with heaven or eternally punished through hell? We must look beyond this. Ask yourself, do you fear anything? If you do, is your biggest fear in life derived from any of your religious beliefs, and if the opposite of love is fear, what are you practicing? I'm still learning on this journey so these are only my opinions. I'm sure some will agree, and some will disagree. But maybe if light love and truth are "commodities" that don't belong to simply one entity alone, then how can someone else other than you give you something they don't rightfully or realistically own to begin with. How can someone else give you what you already have, and then expect you to call them teacher, guru, master, godman, savior? WE have what we need, we need only to realize it. Maybe humanity is not quite awake yet, but I think we at least know by now that we are still sleeping. We don't need anyone else to tell us what we already know. Abandon fear and we will truly start to learn from the best and truest teacher : personal experience.

Hi Wilma and Christ Servant, It has been a long time since I've visited this thread. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I do not have your emails, but you are welcome to email me at [email protected]



Sant Mat is a cult like ALL religious and spiritual movements. it teaches garbage that is not healthy nor in any way practical or useful to living a truly effective and fulfilling life as an individual or a person who wants to see themselves as a part of 'the group' of the world. The sant mat ppl are anti life - which is why they focus on some far away made up place of 'heaven' in a 'higher dimension' -

They hate the Reality of life on earth so romanticize 'goodness' - All sant mat followers are lying to themselves and therefore in a round about way - lying to you - even if some of them have good intent - it is ultimately distorted and poisoned by their spirituality. YES i was DEEPLY involved in Sant Mat and actually a part of a very big movement of it in Miami - I dedicated my adult life (10 years of it anyway) to studying EVERYTHING about it and practicing the way of life they ultimately propose - It is garbage. You need to udnerstand that they are like ALL CULTS - they give HALF TRUTHS so yes there is SOME worth in SOME words but it comes with the price of now having to accept the unhealthy part of their 'wisdom' - STAY AWAY from them.

@ Bryan Das

You outcry to stay away alone, based upon what you write here, will not impress anybody, certainly not those who are sill "in" in what you call a cult .... to draw attention you have to come with FACTS,
simple cotrolable FACTS ... not opinions, frustrations, anger etc.

Bryan Das,

It must be extra difficult in Miami. 10 years isn't very long. See how you feel in another 10, 20 or 30.

"very big movement of it in Miami"

Bryan Das,

Did you follow Baljit Singh? He's in the Kirpal line, right?

Not a good experience? What's the whole story? What's the unhealthy part?

Hi i didnt think any1 would ask questions but anyway yes it was Baljit - Know Thyself. As for the guy who says something about facts lol - he is obviously still stuck in Cult mentality - he probably sees all strong thinking and healthy mental habits as weak and (as all spiritually brainwashed bimbos) sees all the weak mental habits as signs of 'strength' - spiritual strength - it is laughable. I feel sorry for you 'um' - Your grip on Reality has already 'blessed' you with a life of Hell and no true fulfillment/accomplishment of any real greatness - This is what awaits all whom 'humble' themselves to the Cult mentality whereby its leaders need you to be 'surrendered' 'faithful' full of 'trust' and 'love' - 'compromising' and all that bullshit. You are crying out for abuse and getting just that, not only in who comes to take advantage of you but also your own lack of life thanks to 'spirituality'.

ALSO -let all who read this see for themselves - as with all 'spiritualists' (spirituality is just religion REPACKAGED) - they are at odds with their NATURAL INSTINCTS and totally impotent thanks to a 'castration' of their power so turn to passive aggression. ANGER is always going to be natural and a MUST HAVE for ANY effective, HEALTHY human. It is not to be demonized. For those who practice REPRESSION of a natural thing, become so hateful of it and it masters them. LOL. The real WARRIOR holds anger as one of his tools to PROPERLY move through the world and be cruel where he needs to be, be nice where he needs to be- JUSTICE is in his hands - not 'the universe' or some other spiritual concept without any Reality Based thinking. Anger - Lust - and so much more - are to be appreciated and SMARTLY used - not REPRESSED which then always leads to ABUSE - and the highest abuse is to brainwash YOUR OWN SELF into following a WEAK servitude to others, ruining the Power of Self Interest which TRULY is the actual reality of all humans at their core. It is to be used PRODUCTIVELY - and religion and spirituality - CULTISM is always going to knock that out. 'um' is one of those fools you abuse and throw away like i just have.

Next - i will tend to the other thing - Yes when it comes to my story it is too long and im making a comic and cartoon that tells all - it is my life's work. I detail exactly how brainwash was pushed and IS pushed and was always and will be pushed in humanity - but it comes to this - Half Truths - on one side yes the ppl i met were friendly but they followed weakness and spread it to me - i was open to that since i was trained by my parents, school, job and church to be on that path already - The GOOD of it all is that i had further training in Chi work - naam - but aside from that - it was a path of DELUSION and always going down down down, rather than up. How ironic they say it is 'ascension' when you are just getting more deluded. The unhealthy part is the MENTALITIES being pushed. ALL cults push the WRONG mentality and yep there is black n white CLEAR right and wrong here and the life decisions of the cult members shows it. Look at their lives and how they make decisions - look at the delusion and the lack of will - they sacrificed it like Jesus on the cross - they demonized POWER and REALITY - gave it all up for a 'spiritual' world elsewhere. They are given to wasting of time and OPENING themselves more and more to FURTHER manipulation by higher ppl in these groups.

ALL groups do good. ALL religious and spiritual holy books and teachings have SOME good positive truth but upon looking closer - they ALL are full of contradictions and CONFUSION - They are NOT truly wise - and once u get like me - to where u dedicate ur life to the 'holy texts' you start realizing it is just there to make ppl crazy bc they become soooo incredibly weak. The GOOD of the group was that they respected me for the most part and did not abuse me (THAT I KNOW OF - i was unconscious for a bit on the first night tho) - They talked with me and i had never met so many ppl who knew the ancient texts like i did so in depth - even all the holy men at temples and priests at churches rly didnt know this much - BUT THE WISDOM itself is FLAWED and i didnt stay for long there thankfully - YES there were 'holy' experiences but again what is truly holy and what is delusion? For those of u who know Yogi B - (he himself has now been OUTED as being SUPER ABUSIVE - SUPER SUPER SUPER ABUSIVE) - his students (i was extremely involved) all had kundalini psychosis - CHI that amounts in the 3rd eye - leading to psychosis - and isnt moved around properly - Shit - his whole fukin org was full of bullshit tho - look it up - join the facebook groups - See for yourself - but the conclusion is this - These CULTS teach weakness - and there is NOTHING wrong with LOVE - but the DISTORTED version of love - love without SENSE - love with faith, not sense - love that is GIVEN undeservedly AT THE EXPENSE of you being an AGGRESSIVE, badass human who takes charge of his/her life - THAT is a crime against your own WILL which is all you have on this earth - dont give it up FOR ANYTHING or anyone and dont think u need to cleanse so much of something -

I found Baljit on youtube. His audio techs give him way too much reverb. That's a red flag right there.

Hello, first off, forgive the length of this response, however, I hope you will find reading it worthwhile.
I first read your post from 2014 a couple of weeks ago and I have been thinking that I would like to respond to some of your concerns about Sant Mat and Christianity’s compatibility. It seems you have three major concerns with some attendant other thoughts, or issues surrounding those concerns. The first: is Jesus Christ a lesser Master? The second: concerns the wealth display of Rajinder Singh. The third: the question of kinship related successorship of the Masters.
First: is Jesus Christ a lesser Master? No. One only needs to explore Jesus’ own words and the words of his disciples to see how his truth lines up with Sat Mat. “I and my Father are one.” “No one comes to the Father save through me and no one comes to me save the Father brings him.” St. John the Evangelist tells us, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God, and all that was made was made through the word and naught was made except through the word…and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” The Masters have echoed this same time-honored truth repeatedly.
What did Master Kirpal say on this topic? The answer is simple and can be found in his pamphlet on this topic “God Power, Christ Power, Guru (Master) Power.” Please note how the Christ power is directly in line from God Power to Guru (Master) Power. Also, Master Kirpal wrote the esoteric work “Naam or Word” why would he have titled both of these works invoking the path of Christ? Because Christ was a true Master and taught the path of light and sound.
Again, Jesus’ own words: “Then Jesus turned to his disciples and said privately, But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”
It is clear for all who wish to see and hear that Christ gave initiation on the light and sound. Christ also said, “He who has seen me has seen the Father.” This is exactly what Mira Bai discovered when she entered the realm of all Truth and saw her Master sitting upon God’s throne.
Christ’s disciples were blessed for he revealed himself to them within and to us through his words. For those who speak “lesser master” nonsense I have only this to say: Talk is cheap and cheaper still are those who talk. There is an old adage in spirituality, those who know don’t tell, and those who tell don’t know. I heard the same exact line about Jesus being a lesser master when I took initiation from Master Darshan in 1975. I have written what I thought about it then and now above.
The only other thought I will add to this topic is that anyone who would say such a thing is going against the teachings of the Saints and they will have to answer to God himself for driving anyone from the path. Christ said it best, “If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
Your second concern was that you thought there was and is a needless display of wealth by Rajinder Singh. At the time of his ascension, I can tell you, there were other initiates who felt the same way when Rajinder was named as Darshan’s successor. I will not try to dissuade you from what you think was an unsightly display of wealth. I will simply remind you of the same criticism directed towards Jesus.
First were the three separate anointings of Christ while he was alive, all are mentioned in the Gospels, but are sometimes confused as the same instance. They are not, they are three separate instances. Each time, there were disciples who felt it was an excessive show and waste of wealth for such expensive alabaster jars of oil to be used to anoint Jesus. These disciples remonstrated the women and in effect even tried to admonish Christ. But what did Jesus say when they complained that the oils could have been sold for money to feed the poor? “You always have the poor. I am with you but a little while. You can always help the poor, but you will not always have me.” If we are to judge on wealth and its use, why should we not judge Christ’s own words rather harshly? “You always have the poor.” Why would we not think his words callous and worldly? We refrain from thinking thus because we believe in his sonship.
Another example of criticism towards Jesus is that he associated and dined with the wealthy. “While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, ‘Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?’ On hearing this, Jesus said, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.’”
Jesus further speaks privately to his disciples on this topic, “For John came neither eating nor drinking, and they say, He hath a devil. The Son of man came eating and drinking, and they say, Behold a man gluttonous, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners. But wisdom is justified of her children.”

Even during Christ’s lifetime there were those who condemned him for associating with the wealthy or for allowing wealthy oils to be used on himself. Do you think Christ was overcome and caught up by the wealth of those around him? I think not. How far is this criticism from your complaint about Rajinder? When we see everything from the level of our own understanding, believing that only we have the right perspective to apply to all we see, we operate from the level of the ego.
The mind is the enemy of the spirit because it believes this world is its true home, and it will seemingly be our ally if we will follow its lead, but the mind entangles us more and more in the outer world of doubt in order to keep us from the inner world of truth upon which our spiritual-self resides.
Your third concern was successorship. After reading this concern, I began to research the Sikh Gurus’ lineage to learn more about their successorship. I found my research most illuminating when I began to read a biography of the Sikh Masters.
The fact is that it was quite common for the Guru’s successorship to be passed on through family lineage. Case in point (there are numerous others) the fifth master, Guru Arjan Dev, was the grandson of the third master, Guru Amar das, and he was also the son of the fourth master, Guru Ram Das. Guru Ram Das was the son-in-law of the third master, Guru Amar das. The sixth master, Guru Har Gobind was the son of Guru Arjan and therefore the great-grandson of, Guru Amar das and grandson of Ram Das. This lineage demonstrates that the Mastership often did and does stay with fathers to sons and grandsons, and is no different than the lineage of Kirpal, Darshan, and Rajinder.
Two things come to mind as to why Master Kirpal would have said that it was rare that the son of a living master would be a successor. He never said it didn’t happen, since it did, and as a Sikh, he would have known history of the lineage of the Sikh Gurus from an early age. For the answer to this we need to look at the history of Gurus Amar das, Ram Das, and Arjan Dev.
First, whenever the Guru appointed his successor there were always those who thought they knew better. The eldest son of Guru Ram Das, Prithi Chand, believed he should be the next Guru. When Ram Das appointed his youngest son, Arjan Dev, as the next Guru, Prithi Chand became extremely jealous of his younger brother to the point that Prithi Chand was eventually instrumental in helping the Mughal Emperor, Jahangir, arrest, torture, and execute Guru Arjan Dev. Such was Prithi Chand’s jealousy that he sacrificed the life of his own brother, the true Guru, for his own ends. I think we could easily find parallels in this sad tale with the life of Judas.
Even though Master Kirpal left a will that named his son, Darshan Singh as his spiritual successor, and Master Darshan also left a will designating Rajinder Sindh as his spiritual successor, there were many group leaders and initiates who disagreed with the wills of the Masters and some of them even threatened violence against Darshan Singh unless he would renounce the claim to successorship. In this case, it was through God’s Grace that the violence of the hate-filled was averted.
This kind of resentment seems to have always been present in regard to successorship. The aphorism of Master Kirpal, “God made man and man, made religion,” sums up why there is always going to be dissension in the material world when trying to interpret spiritual matters. We are not God and only God knows God’s ways.
A second point to consider is that the Masters do not personally elect their successors, it is God himself who ordains the successorship long before a Master-Soul comes to the earth plane. This fact enunciated by Master Kirpal cannot be overlooked or understated.
Again, Master Kirpal, knowing the violence in the hearts of those who place themselves above the Master’s will, protected his son, Darshan, as long as he could from the jealous eyes of those who believed, and some who still believe, they know better than the Master.
Recall the words of the jealous who surrounded Jesus, “You could have sold this oil to feed the poor.” Look at how “…he dines with publicans and sinners.” For your own benefit, please open your heart and let the Christ power show you the way forward, for I have no doubt, if you truly seek, it will be given to you. “Knock and it shall be opened.”
Finally, I would like to address the conflict you feel with your faith as a Christian and Sant Mat. I too am a practicing Christian and an initiate. I love my church and the people in it. If I don’t have a conflict it’s because I love the teachings of Christ, whom I loved first and who loved me first, and also the company of those who believe he is the only son of God even though I don’t personally espouse this belief.
I do not feel compelled to tell my church friends that I believe the word Christ refers to the anointed one and that Jesus was one Master in a long line of Masters leading to present day Gurus. Why? Because that would be as offensive as an initiate saying that Jesus was a lesser Master. But there’s another reason as to why I believe Christ’s teachings are the same as the Path of the Masters.
On a personal level, I always wanted to be at the feet of Jesus and I wondered why, if I loved him so much, would he deny me his actual company. I have come to firmly believe that the path Christ taught was the inner mystical path, “If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” But Christ also tells us clearly “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” But he also said that a time comes when no man can work, and he encouraged those who loved him by telling them he would send a comforter. Was the comforter just faith? Did the mastership end with Jesus? No, I don’t believe so and with good reason for seeing is above all. God Power, Christ Power, Guru (Master) Power continues to this day.
Meditation is the key to help us toward this understanding because it is a private, silent prayer from the alone to the alone. While we pray together as Christians, as you, yourself know, Christ often prayed alone. In fact, he went alone into the wilderness for 40 days to fast and meditate after his baptism (initiation) before St. John the Baptist was executed. As Saint John said, “I baptize you (the masses) with water for repentance, but after me will come One more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire.” Again, this is a clear reference to the inner light and sound, Naam or Word. Did John baptize Jesus with Naam? You can ask Jesus when you meet him within.
The inner path is not in conflict with the outer. Meditation is an integral part of Christian prayer, in fact, Eastern and Western Christians have used the “Jesus Prayer” as a means of centering their attention on God within for more than 1500 years: “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” This prayer is repeated mentally with the tongue of thought just as Simran is to be repeated when given by a living Master.
Whether you believe it or not, Christ brought you to the path of the Masters. Why do I say this with such confidence, because he also did it for me also.
An interesting historical side note is that long before Christianity was called by this current name, it was simply known by Christ’s disciples as “The Way.” Nothing can be simpler or make it clearer that Christ’s teachings are “The Path” of the Masters. “He who has ears, let him hear.”
While there were other things you mentioned that I could address, I believe I’ve said enough. Suffice it to say on one final topic you raised, the environment, I’m not sure what you think you heard, but Master Rajinder has written extensively on the need for healing our planet and our soul, and our role in doing both. You can read this in “Ecology of the Soul” and many other books by Rajinder.
I believe it is good you’re a Christian and an initiate. Do not be afraid or troubled, for the path is not in conflict with itself. As St. Paul clearly shows us Christianity has a deep, esoteric side, “I know a man in Christ who fourteen years ago was caught up to the third heaven – whether in the body or out of the body I do not know; God knows.” This is clearly a reference to the inner planes. Why should we who love Christ be denied access to the inner regions?
The current outer expression of Christianity and the inner expression of Sant Mat are two sides of the same coin. They are the two hands of the one body infused with the Christ Power. One aspect is the outer expression of faith and the other aspect is the inner verification of that faith. “Seek and ye shall find…If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”
Finally, if you wish to learn more about the missing years, or unknown life of Christ, Master Kirpal mentioned and interesting book. Look for the book, “Journey to Kashmir and Tibet” by Swami Abhendananda. This book contains the Swami’s own quest to find out about Jesus’ life, and the original book log of the one who first searched and discovered the missing years of Christ’s life. In closing, I wish you the very best on your journey homeward. God bless and be well.

Hi John
Your comments about the role of the Master, and ours to be obedient does have a rich history of commentary from the Saints. Obedience to our Master, obedience to Christ is singular and pure focus, undisturbed, and ecstatic. It is a treasure to have such a Master!

But we must also acknowledge that using one's discrimination, Vivek, and using one's voice to protest against wrongdoing has helped reduce rape, child molestation, child abuse, graft, murder and theft, and helped to protect hundreds of millions of lives. And Vivek, combined with a willingness to search and move, has brought many to their true Teacher.

Using one's voice in all humility and sincerity, has reduced the suffering of the world.

Unfortunately, there is also a record of the crimes mentioned above, and others, by individuals masquerading as Gurus. They use their unquestioned authority to commit terrible crimes. And their biggest weapon of destruction? Their blind followers. The blind followers willing to shame any who question or point to wrongdoings by the Master.

The second biggest weapon of these false Gurus, against the innocent, is a certified and rock solid lineage. They received their role, certified in triplicate by their Master, in writing. That is a sure sign of corruption. Because the role of the Master is not as a leader of any formal organization. Once that role is calcified into a corporate position, you have a religion, not Spirituality.

But we get the Master we deserve at the time. Yes it's Gods will, and our job to keep moving until we meet our true Master, whom we find within. Gurus are a bridge, not a destination.

John, this woman is closer to God than you know.

Therefore to encourage blind faith is as dangerous and fraught with ego and harm as insisting that the Path must meet all our personal sentiments, with no work required. And as dangerous as presuming we have nothing to learn, spiritually, from anyone else. These are all impediments to progress.

Blind faith is one such impediment. The Saints, including Maharaji, and Bands Ji, roundly criticize blind faith.

To achieve Ahimsa, true harmlessness, we cannot ignore our role to utilize our own discrimination and to speak out.

Furthermore, we must acknowldge that any path of personal development can only start where we happen to be.

Therefore the author of this post rightly must acknowldge her own misgivings honestly, sincerely and with respect. Hers is an act of bravery, and no easy path. It is an act of personal integrity to act upon that sentiment with as much sincerity and trust as you have for your own belief.

Explaining to anyone else they are wrong, unsolicited, has never accomplished much, including your comments and mine.

But encouraging everyone to use their best judgment and to act, to take steps forward, as best we can define that, to put forth our best effort to move forward, and be willing to learn and make course corrections all along the way, has never failed to be helpful.

You could be wrong, John and so could I. I'm wrong several times a day actually. It just means I'm learning.

And the things I get right, and verify, those are solid truths for me. Treasures.

So, build your treasure within. It may be a moving target. So long as the mind is moving, so too will be what appears to be our treasure. And if we insist on nailing truth to the floor in one spot that is just lazy thinking and another source of misguided misery for ourselves and others. It is another impediment to be overcome.

I tell you John, unless you are willing to acknowldge what is before you, and pass through an enlightened Atheism, it is impossible to find Truth, Spirit, and the Master within.

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