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November 03, 2015


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Brian you say, "We all deny reality." With each person using their perception and creating their own "reality", this is where communication can get a bit tricky.


(4 minutes)

By Beau Lotto - Professor of Neuroscience at University College London - perception and how the brain makes meaning ...

"When we imagine something it activates the same part of our brain as if we are actually seeing it, so an imagined perception is the same as a real perception."

Interesting stuff. I figured out a while back that people don't believe in things because of their veracity, they believe in things because of the effect of that belief. And it's pretty obvious when you consider that even our quest to understand truth and reality come back to some sort of functionality. We want to understand the world in order to better deal with it. So if believing something that isn't true makes my life happier, more secure, etc., of course I'm going to believe it. In that situation it would almost be irrational to let rationality take that belief away from me, because ultimately I evolved this ability to think out of a need to survive and thrive. Logic is only a tool. It is often a superior tool to superstition etc, but in the end, I'm always going to be naturally inclined to choose the tool that gets the job done.

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