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November 17, 2015


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"This ultimate reality is always immediately present as the final nature of every thing in every moment. What is very rare and very precious is the wisdom consciousness that understands this reality"

What then is this wisdom consciousness that is very rare and very precious? Is this a so called enlightened state? Is it a higher consciousness? Is this what we seek, and I know that seeking goes against Buddhist methods and also Sant Mat, the searching and striving etc.

I suppose its an awareness, just being very present and in the moment, which doesn't suit the mind at all which is jumping continually into past, present and future. So its still a kind of training that we have to do persistently coming back to the present.

I wonder how Hereclitus and the Epicurians would respond. Seems to me there would be a lot with which they would agree.

Wei Wu Wei explained Emptiness:

We are conditioned to suppose that what we are is the presence of what is present which is the absence of what is absent.

But when we apperceive what we are we find that what we are is the absence of what is present and presence of what is absent.

"Among all the things that exist conventionally, things' lack of existing on their own, in and of themselves, is called the ultimate truth because it is the truth realized by a mind that analyzes how thing ultimately exist"

What a shame that John Lennon's 'Imagine' (previous blog) and the Buddhist concepts explained in such writings as 'What is Emptiness' is not in the ISIS reading list - or come to that, any mind/self that believes it is something solid and special.

""" This is emptiness (stong pa nyid, shunyata). While this may sound bleak, disappointing, or frightening, it is the very nature of reality. And it is reality -- not fantasy -- that is our final hope and our refuge. """

They take God as a fool

The future is bright and EVER grows !


Of course it's possible for any idiot to place himself in some black emptiness

"Of course it's possible for any idiot to place himself in some black emptiness"

LOL. I rather like the thought of hanging out in the Void, nice and peaceful, away from the madding crowd.

Emptiness (or no mind) is (a dark, lonely, ephemeral and peaceful) hell unless its filled with love - for the Guru and devotion - to the Shabd. The difference between the silence and darkness of Mansarovar Lake and the symphony and brightness of Sach Khand.

I agree with tripple 7
& off course the gift of sant guru mat. Only this sweet and melodious sound behind the eye center that can void the spell of individuality, and nothing else.

They take God as a fool

As the Sage Ribhu said to Nidagha ," ... pray tell me what do you man by I and You?" ---
in this case, what is meant by "they" and "God"?

Emptiness IS, all else is illusion of the Mind in the Mind Game called Life wherein all Words/Names are not real. To Think and write or speak is to be unreal. Emptiness contains nothing, no knowledge, no Form and is just that Eternal. Life is not real for it is created by Thought/Mind and thus is Mind Controlling tiself, round and round in Time/Space continuum in a subjective, objective world of Mind. It is all imagination and the Magic of Thought, letters, words that create Laws/Rules of the Ruler SATAN/AI. One stays Eternal in HELL or Life on Earth through Birth/Death/Reincarnation back into HELL without memory of KNOWLEDGE.

There is no beginning or end in Emptiness/UNKNOWN SELF that is eternal. Life is Eternal Mind Control. Nothingness or the Great Void is also Mind Control for Duality does not exist in Emptiness. There is no religion in Emptiness, empty eternal. To THINK anything is to be Mind Controlled. All speech from a Form/Body is Mind Control. KNOW UNKNOWN and Emptiness IS Eternal Bliss, indescribable.

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