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October 28, 2015


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Agreed. I've always thought about that. An argument for the existance of god and souls is that all cultures have some concept of them. I take that point, but then if you turn the argument on it's head the question arises then why are the concepts not more similar? Surely god and souls are acultural since culture arises within the highly restricted realm of time and place.

When you are at the apex of the sentient pyramid, and you are also without hubris, isn't there a contemplation that there may be something else beyond our limited perception?

If you are at the apex and you are full of hubris, isn't there a response that I have to survive simply because of my magnificence?

Sort of a timeless dilemma.

I take the view that the process we call 'self', being a construct composed of experience does not exist as an actual entity but nevertheless has a very strong ego based impetus to survive.

Such a mind-made phenomenon is very vulnerable (could disappear following brain injury or disease and certainly at death) and therefore has a supreme motive to believe in some sort of continuation after death.

The brain/body must accept its inevitable demise but an 'self', steeped in it's own ego based importance would invent/believe anything to continue in any form it can conceive of.

I quite like the idea of a soul. It can be conceived of as a point of pure awareness and takes on the cover of a mind and a body - this makes for a pretty solid and satisfying description of reality. The soul is motionless, existing beyond time and space and is more transcendental than the mind or body, both of which can create the illusion of having an ego.

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