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October 25, 2015


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He said : “welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil.”

Guns are innocent as are knives or bricks

SSRI Medications like Prozac SSRI destroy empathy TOTALLY
as the CO-PILOT an school shooters prove that almost daily
Each living jeeva is constantly subjected in situations
where empathy is , . . or is not

The "no empathy" must eventually be deleted
We ALL agree on that , isn't it?
I trust this is not incomprehensible to you Brian, this time
even if there was no God . .

The central part of our being(s) whatever the name thinks that too.
That part happens to be the all pervading God
You are Time but deeper You are God
Impurities will go in time

How can anyone have the slightest doubt that in the best middle-point essence of you the pharmaceutical co-pilot evil would be acceptable

Don't call it hell if you like , but it(s definitely not Love or supreme kindness


since I m paricipating here I have toujours the intuition that we agree on everything :-)

777 - "The "no empathy" must eventually be deleted"

I don't think there is any hope for humankind, I think humans are devolving. There is a lack of empathy, kindness, love - these are found only very rarely in others. I am an empath and now have become a solitary recluse because of the lack of understanding and compassion. I'm not religious any more but now find solace in peace and quiet and being present in the moment and keeping to myself with my hobbies... and thats okay.

Faithless Feminists are just going the other extreme. On the one side there are the religious fanatics now there are the feminist fanatics - they are really scary and you blokes should wake up to how they are becoming more and more dominant and taking over slowly and surely.

Brian, I hope you don't mind me posting this here. I came across it a couple of days ago and I know you are a lover of nature and animals and this is very inspiring. I have watched all of her videos now and Anna is the kind of woman I admire so very much.



were you ever a follower of rssb? The delete/suppression of non-compassion is a long time affair - ages = lifes - BBs - therefore i said 'eventually"
In the mean time each of us can adapt somewhat and or
listen to the sweet anahabad shabd which changes everything at the spot

Concerning "others" , . . it nice from time to time to contemplate on the fact that they do not exist
they exist because each individual is making them existing around them
We can even change that but it's less easy to do so in this gross matter universe representation of your temporal self
Please read a little bit between the words

The best ( now we heard about it ) is leaning to the sweet sound


777, thanks, its nice when someone actually responds.

I am a Charan Singh initiate. I was initiated when I was living in South Africa in 1968. I have lived in three different countries and nine different towns/cities. So, in this life I have mostly experienced the feeling of being different and unacknowledged. Australians don't like me. They seem to react to my accent, my parents were British, and the Aussies hate the Pommies. I am a loner and so I have a disconnect with this world and people. The satsangis I have met since I left South Africa have been unfriendly and so I don't go to satsang any more.

Its a huge challenge because I am very sensitive and as I say an empath. I seem to communicate with animals and birds more easily than people. How to love others who I seem to have no connection with? This is the only blog I contribute to. The only place I can voice my opinions.

I like what you said : "Concerning "others" , . . it nice from time to time to contemplate on the fact that they do not exist". This must be my lesson in life, my big test!

"Concerning "others" , . . it nice from time to time to contemplate on the fact that they do not exist they exist because each individual is making them existing around them"

I dreamt about this - reading 777's comment and then going back to read it again and adding this on.

That second part, 'they exist because each individual is making them exist around them'. Thats important. After believing in karma for such a long time, now I am getting it... I hope.

Sorry, off topic, will try to communicate with 777 by email.

Cheers and much thanks to you Brian

Hi Jen
There is in, rssb absolutely no need to go satsangs although depending on our background , seeing this person who was chosen
is a free ride in a way
without sitting

It's fine to be a loner and these attitudes from several satsangis , I guess it doesn't hurt any more now

I'm sure without knowing that with this 'psychic' empath towards nature, which perhaps you have read in this blog my strange description of too,
would even after years of separation enable really the sound phenomenon above your eyes
It may be hyper tiny ( and it is because it could disturb )
but it is there and you would not be alone anymore - no single day or night alone

I met satsangis who didn't realize that they had heard it all the time,
so soft and discrete it can be

We have all our strange karmas but if Gurinder would visit the land of your actual residence
again, these vibrations you feel, could also re-activatethe sweet Shabd easily

I hope you are not weak or ill at your age
I met Sam Busa once :) - - nice guy
See You


You are a rare person intuitively feeling the truth about solopism :)
Feeling that, . . all problems vanish

Hi Jen
it's a pleasure to communicate
[email protected] * please notice the DOT :)

thank you for knowing reality exists, a reality that can be shared

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