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October 15, 2015


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As Errol Flynn, the famous movie actor and author of MY WICKED WICKED WAYS, so rightly stated,

"It is not what they say about you; it is what they whisper."

The problem is, people are hypnotised. Logic cannot
break a hypnotic trance. Yogananda studied messmerism
before he became a guru. Einstein cannot help these
people, only Houdini.

I spend much time debunking financial fraud. These
fraudsters are identical to gurus. Financial fraud
is rampant and very very clever.

The people you try to save from devistation, are the
same ones whom give you the hardest time.

If you help anyone in this world, it will fly back
in your face. You must be a sadist to be an honest man
and help this world.

You must be willing to be crucified to help humanity.

Even guys like Einstein tried to stop progress when he
tried to stop quantum physics. But, Neils Bohr persisted.
The idea that God would not play dice with the universe
blocked him from the truth.

The people whom love you the most, will hurt you the most.
They will try and shock you into reality. They will appear
as your enemy. But, their method is not madness. It's like
a mother spanking the babies butt.

Humility is the key. Humility hurts. Humility does not come
from enlightenment. For, while yoga tells us it is the end
game .... it is not.

Something Else is missing. But, people are blocked from
seeing it.

Compassion cannot exist without humility. The humble will
be wrong most the time like everyone else. But, they will
change upon seeing their false idea. The humble change.

Something Else moves behind the humble person and can change
the past, present and future.

There is only one thing you can never be ............

Humble enough.

Quote Williams..
There is only one thing you can never be ............ Humble enough.

....thats the thing you still need to learn

It's very disappointing, . . that time that people spend thinking
( gossiping ) about us

Karma-wise it should be much more to consume the positive effect of gossip

777 ;-)

Religious people don't care what others think of them. They don't care how their behavior affects others because they don't question or doubt themselves. They're too sure of their faith to look at themselves (or anything) from any point of view other than the one they believe in.

X that is totally not true. Total dogma you preach.

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