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October 21, 2015


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Brian wrote: "Many people in this country, for example, refuse to believe in the reality of global warming because they feel that God is looking out for the Earth and wouldn't do anything to seriously screw the habitability of our planet.

Sure, individuals feel better when they think they're going to live on after they die. But if this myth helps contribute to the demise of civilization as we know it, I don't see how this can be a good thing."

--So, what difference does it make? What difference does anything make?

We're all going to be dead forever along with this civilization, the planet (global warming or not), the sun, the stars and the universe.

The destiny of all we know and love is eternal annihilation.

All concepts of God and God Itself, one day, dead.

It will be soon because a year, a decade, seven decades, a millennium, a trillion years are not even a moment in the face of eternity.

Everything dead for immeasurable time.

Even if there is no time.

So, you say death doesn't scare you because you won't be aware of it once you're dead?

Well, you know it now...

Challenge to Intellectual Church of The Way Posters and Radhasoami Studies Forum posters, such as Dr. David Lane, Brian Hines, Mike Williams, i.e. Zakk Zakk, tAo, Manjit, X, Tuscon, and ALL Exers and Believers alike, such as 777:

I challenge all of you that think your skepticism or belief systems are Bullet Proof, to visit any of Allan Chronshaw's various Forums starting with his Blog


and challenge his belief that he is the reincarnated walking, talking, posting, Brother of Jesus ! Please take this personal challenge from me, Jim Sutherland, not forgetting to tell Allan Chronshaw that "Old Man Jim Sutherland who is dumber than dog dodo" sent you to interrogate him and challenge his claims. Now you may all test your debating skills against a 70 year old Mystic who's only Academic education is a High School Diploma. Warning: If you have thin skin and a short stamina, then don't venture out of this little safe place of Church of the Churchless. Stay here and continue back slapping other's acute knowing or unknowing, and avoid Allan Chronshaw, the walking Being of Light ( his Claim) who not only lived as The Brother of Jesus, but as Thomas Payne!

Allan will not read any of the books you reference, nor will he read your Web sites, Dr. Lane and Mike Williams. He stopped reading books 30 plus years ago. He will answer any question you ask him tho, with references from his unending Mega Web sites of his postings.

Again, I challenge you all to engage him. I have, off and on for the last dozen years, and he has rejected every thing I have suggested to him and written me off ( as most of you have) as "dumber than dog dodo".

Don't forget to tell Jim Jim Sutherland sent you to challenge his belief he lived as The Brother of Jesus. Oh, by the way. If you join his closed Forums to engage him, he has a dozen or so Core Members who claim they lived with Chronshaw during some of his many past lives.

So, exercise your Intellectual knowledge by engaging Allan Chronshaw, The Long Island Mystic who now lives in South Carolina to avoid the up coming Apocalypse!

Copied from a couple of Allan's Sites...................

"The Invitation Into TheWay

This is an invitation for you to meet my brother, Yeshua/Jesus
As a man who was known as a true Jewish holy man
I was the very first leader of the sect of Jews that came to be called Christian
Because God has heard your prayers
Because you have desired to know the Truth
I was permitted to re-enter this world at this time in order to help you
For you possess the Truth within yourself
You are the Temple of the Living God
And you need only become your true self

At the beginning of our Common Era, I lived as Jacob who you call James. At that time I was known as the brother of Yeshua/Jesus, and I was the first and primary leader of the New Covenant Movement known as TheWay (The Way). If you call yourself a Christian, then I am the first leader of your church -- and I was taught the essence of TheWay by Yeshua himself. If you are a Jew, then I can explain to you how Yeshua was not only a Jew among Jews, but the very embodiment of the Torah and Judaism. In this present time the flock of believers have become spiritually disenfranchised by manmade doctrines that rob the people of their indwelling spiritual essence. And as the people in churches and synagogues pray and beseech our Heavenly Father for guidance, mercy and spiritual insight, the Lord has heard you prayers and your petitions for greater knowledge and understanding. So to answer your prayers, I re-entered physical life in order to teach you how to become the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus -- for it is written: "For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother" (Matt 12:50 NKJ). And while you may not initially believe that you too can be a brother or sister of Yeshua, I have been sent to tell you that it is a great and glorious truth that becomes the reality of all genuine and faithful servants of the Lord.

I agree faith becomes an issue when causing individuals to become blinded to reality. However, everyone who is a "global warming" skeptic is not a god believer. Some choose to look at the whole picture and not just buy into what "science" tells us. Sure, the earth may be warming (or not, I still think that's debatable - plus no one is sure exactly why the earth is warming, it could be a natural cycle) but the earth is also billions of years old and has dealt with environmental catastrophes many many times greater than what very recent industry has produced.

Bottom line, I agree that we should be diligent when it comes to keeping the earth clean and reducing pollution, but I'm tired of the same old "global warming!" arguments creeping in to every "liberal's" reasoning for anything and everything. Man's actual effect on the earth is debatable. Stick with something else that science has actually proven - evolution!

Doom says: "The destiny of all we know and love is eternal annihilation."... "It will be soon because a year, a decade, seven decades, a millennium, a trillion years are not even a moment in the face of eternity."

Exactly! And for some strange reason this cheers me up no end. Why? because whats the point of worrying about anything, all our striving, caring about this planet and people, who are just little ants crawling around on this planet thinking they are so important. Pfft

All materiality that has been created is Maya, or impermanate. Yet, Kal, or Time has not been revealed or documented in any agreeable understanding by Anami Purush to Kal. All we know as humans, is, we all have been born, this time, in human bodies, and we will will die in about 100 earth years, max, if we live as the Scriptures and Masters advise. Even illusions projected by mind in Meditation, including The Chandian effect, are Kal created Timed events, that are as real as our own human flesh, yet we are not privy to the length of Earth time each manifestation of creation below Anami Purush will survive. My time is limited, ending faster than the last sheet of toilet tissue, but I am still traveling the world enjoying the time "i" have left as Jim. Today has been real, altho now impermanent, same as every meditation illusion I ever had was temporary, yet as real at the time as were my experiences today.

What have you got to lose?
You come from nothing, you're going back to nothing.
What have you lost? Nothing!

Always look on the bright side of life
- from (appropriately) The Life of Brian.

Brian I enjoy your search for reality. I must ask though. Why didn't you ask your master why you were getting no results? Wouldn't that be an appropriate
response after just a few months of Sant Mat meditation? Waiting 30 years with no heavenly results seems unbelievable.

Who will look after your blog after your death ?
Who will cry when you die ?

Sorry I'm a bit late to this, but I've been reading your blog on and off for about 4 years. I love to see that you stumbled upon these guys' work and Ernest Becker's work. They always reminded me of your words.

Let us know what you think of it in the end. It's a terrific book.

Hellow all. I has been comfirmed that BabaJi will be visiting Johannesburg SA the 7 and 8th November I can offer limited accommodation if anyone one of the regualar bloggers, would like to come. I can also provide transport, no costs are required. ia

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