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October 10, 2015


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In a way this is true as a start :

Some of you, while young, might have seen angels, talked even with fairies, . . other Tolkien phenomena
with the gardiens of the trees . .

Heard strange music ?

This FAR FROM IQ is a much closer situation to Truth than what has been programmed actually in our brains
one at 6 months, another is left in peace up to 4 years when definitely severe brainwashings were applied

What Simran does ( to start with ) is , is breaking off step by step the impurities, the lies, the hypocrisy, the digitalized what was analogue
You might throw away your CD s and buy the old vintage vinyls
which have no numbers

It can clean us from stuffs that boycot our "spirit in a physical experience"

When we are really damaged is may take time
Sometimes it's a peace of cake
and all nature seems in Blossom and Bloom, specially water
and this is only what appears on the outside
Imagine the inside
Please don't give it up




Wow. Watering meditation down to "stress relief" is really missing the boat on what meditation entails (realization, deeper awareness). The modern day McDonalidization of Meditation (mindfulness training) really leaves a bad taste in my mind and mirrors my observation that meditation has become mostly a "technique" for the vast majority and not the dance of understanding and discovery that the truly contemplative mind finds resonance with.

william, I think the point of the guy who wrote the NY Times piece is that we have to pin down words such as two you used: realization, deeper awareness.

What exactly does this mean? Realization of what? Deeper awareness of what?

When we are in touch with ourselves and what surrounds us in the present moment, what more is there to realize or be aware of?

I realize that there is much more to reality than ourselves and what immediately surrounds us. But meditation typically is believed to put us in touch with just such a non-conceptual immediate reality.

So i'm wondering what you think meditation offers in addition to, say, being aware of ourselves and reality through a walk in nature?

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