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September 22, 2015


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That's for angels IQ 99; archangels IQ 999, Creative Powers 99999

GOD knows only LOVE

When i would say to put your pinkies together and it will happen, . . you wouldn't believe me, but do it anyway several times
when I say to the compassionates (VG is a must) to listen above your eyes
you don't find the time.

Just try it
They call it rhythmic and it is but very swow, more a pulse, like the heart,
but slower, like your breath but slower like a one minute or more cycle

and it's sweet and beautiful
Also whole nature goes in blossem and bloom
Difficult to explain - I tried before - like water becomes encopassin your are really THT to start with - same for nature - same for seemingly dead stones
Same for people , like y'r a beam of dracaena and people react or fanatically Non react
like immediately turning there back on you

Don't seek enlightenment
Seek your Soul which id just That tiny tiny sound
It isn't tiny but we made it tiny by comptent or non interest
It is your Soul

You don(t need a Master : this is already an "achievement"
Only when you want to have it roaring like a mega hurricane of sweetness , you might need some help
c q mega help

So, stop Brahma's enlightenment, awakenment game or trap
You deserve better


yeah.there is so much to learn.....well said ! nice thinking!

I am with Laurel.....great truth in ordinary life. The sunrise this morning exquisite...ordinary, simple life is the end of the 'seeking'. Being awake to what is humbles me as I remember all I did to 'become enlightened'. Feel utter gratitude.

Could you please ask her :

If she could feel in Love as never before, . . .

would that be a nice alternative prospect . . . :-)


There was no wow in this post. Brian is your writing pen getting dryer..

Booger, I guess everybody has a different sense of "wow." I get enthused about reality, and speaking about reality. So does my wife. But if illusion is your thing, go for it.

Brian where you get the idea that i like illusion. Is making quick conclusions reality for you??

We are all consciousness, no need to search for it, but perhaps we need to evolve our own limited consciousness by being more aware.

I realise the title of your thread is 'tongue in cheek' but am wondering what kind of response you were trying to provoke? You did push my buttons! Especially as each person's version of reality will vary from quite idyllic to the opposite reality that people are now living through in the horrific conditions of war torn countries. It all sounds very cosy for you and your wife experiencing a good lifestyle and yes, I know you are probably very good citizens and do charitable works etc but is your 'really, real, reality' an enlightened state? Is just enjoying being in the moment in your own individualised reality all there is to it? A peaceful existence - for how long?


If she would like to feel INVULNERABLE , . . .

would that be a cool alternative prospect . . . :-)


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