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September 18, 2015


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Like I said in my introduction to your message, I'm pleased that you've become disillusioned with Rajinder Singh. Like you say, he may be a good person -- perhaps even a "saint" (whatever that means) -- but almost certainly he is not God in Human Form.

I enjoyed your thoughts about how it isn't necessary to meditate 2.5 hours a day in a certain required way to feel a sense of spirituality, peace, love, and calmness.

I used to do that myself, meditate for several hours a day. I did that for many years. Now, I meditate only for 20 minutes in the morning in a secular Buddhist/Taoist fashion. Works for me, and even better than the much lengthier more mystical sort of previous meditation did.

You're in a difficult transition period, having separated yourself from people (the "satsang") who shared your previous beliefs. It's natural to feel a bit lonely and maybe even have some doubts about whether you've done the right thing.

I'm quite sure that you have.

Be strong. Be true to yourself. If there is a God (I doubt there is, but anything is possible, just not probable), I'm confident that She is looking fondly upon you, pleased that you've chosen truth over falsehood.

Thanks for sharing Brian.

There are several ways to be half a minute ENTIRELY THOUGHTLESS
while being very awake.

- Ascese and so during many many lives li

- Work hard on meditations under the guidance of one who knows the way and can help you when you are 'IN'

- The glance of a as you say a HIHM


When somebody had the bad chance to find the wrong guide or an ignoramous , charlatan,
you can always go on and best try to find the last option

I am very sorry to hear about your painful experience. I hope that you and your son will recover well from this. My best wishes to you!

by the way,
that guy looks very scary!!

i would like to talk to this person. I am not initiated but i meditate. But 2 and a half hours for two years and no experience... is a long time. there must be something wrong. the child crying is really unfortunate. at times members may be unscrupulous and act irrationally. they should have been gentle with the child. nevertheless; what i am saying is, one hour of meditation for a few days would at least increase your concentration to a level that u can see the flashes of lights(looks like bright stars blinking). I never liked reciting mantras or doing simran because like what the author said; u would fine yourself chanting even when you dont want too. Well; we can see and observe this phenomenon when we listen to a song and then the song gets stuck in the head. the writer should have told the master that i cant see anything (when the master touched his eyes); and should have observed the masters actions. meditation has its benefits. NTNU, university of amsterdam... to name a few are doing researches based on it. What is meditation? Its keeping your mind focused. thats it. All the rules and regulations are becoming too noisy. do this, do that.....I think most of us prefer a good and a simple life.

If you don't mind, i recommend you to talk with Rajinder singh personally or send him a letter, he can give you a good answer.

well, one of rajinder's biggest supporters and now family member (son married the daughter of rajinder) publically slandered a Saint in his 'book' journey to the luminous.

So whatever, is what say.

Just a pile of blah blah blah....

As it seem to me, India's democrats don't point out relentlessly enough that state and religion should be sepreated if a nation wants to be called a democrasy. And I'm not saying that a nation that does have that particular point in its constituition is a proper democrasy just because they do have this pointed out in their constitution. Anyway...

It is a fact, in modern political science, that religion has no right to interfere in politics because the realms those two utterly seperate kinds of "sciences" don't go together. They are like fire and water. They can not exist in the same place at the same time.

Self-proclaimed religious people, who use their particular brand of religion to further their religious agenda by engaging in politcs, are just this: Another can of wormes, that makes democrasy look like as if it needs any kind of support from "the beyond", while it just DON'T.




Kathryn Rose & Vick Bost,

You are probably the same person - and just a tip - there is a button on the keyboard labelled CAPS LOCK - press it once.

Perfection? You see what you want to see. You will delete, distort anything that is not 'perfect' to make it fit.

This is what the mind does once it believes something.

If you create a belief that Rijindar is a godman and perfect - you will make sure you are right - and change the incoming data accordingly.

First you have to define what you mean by perfect, Almost certainly you will have trouble defining it.

It's a great excuse to say those who don't get anything are not receptive.

I could say I see unicorns everywhere - and if you don't, its because you are not receptive enough to the unicorn-power (master-power)

Share with us your actual inner experience. Since you are just an anonymous person - you are not breaking any vows.

How do you perceive that you are blessed by his grace?

Can anyone tel me where i can mail/ contact/ call Maharaj ji ??

dear, I'm very sorry to learn about your experience, I totally comprehend to your feelings but please don't mind if I say, everyone's life and karma are different and everyone takes their own time to get those experiences, I appreciate you meditate around 2 hours, I'd recommend you keep it up and try visiting the master to get your answers, try reading his books with nor +ve or -ve thought. I wish you all the best Lord bless you!

Here's a copy paste for you from a book written by Sant Kirpal
" God has to look after His children, of course through some human pole. It is helpful to pray to Him, “O Lord, wherever You are, appear to me.” If the prayer is sincere He will most definitely answer. He has appeared to sincere people who have neither seen nor heard Him. History has shown, and even recent incidents have proven that prayer is answered."
Don't get upset, just sit calm and pray to Lord sincerely, he'll certainly listen

Rajinder singh has superpowers . I WAS his disciple. And i have experienced his superpowers. He has not one, but many superpowers. Reason why i’m no longer is disciple cause i had a first hand experience of his superpowers and it was too much for me to handle. So, here’s a list of his powers which each one of you here will agree.
1- Not ‘God’man but ‘Con’man ! - it needs some great skills to fool people over all these years. Or may be, we are too easy to get fooled by this loser rajinder.
2- do super cars count as a superpower too? - it’s okay to buy big cars if you gotta big butt like him, and a whole lot of charity money by your blind followers.
3- Oh yes, marketing is in his blood- just see how his spiritual organisation has evolved into a big fat company of a chain of aashrams, schools, etc..across the globe, with obviously, my cute rajinder being the owner.
4- Rajinder always wins the race against time- no matter how early you make to his ‘sat’sangs..you’re eventually going to get late. If you know what i mean..
5- rajinder loves to color his facial hair, forhead hair, eyebrows etc..And then he preaches about our attachement with this body.
Okay, i’m already feeling too lowlife. I have wasted about a couple of years over rajinder, and now, 5 more minutes. No rajinder, you can’t let me fall for you again.
Not sorry.
P.s. oh rajinder, you bloody coriander.

1. If you are Initiated and have got light and sound. From what I understand you have the passport to make your way to the highest realm.
2. The Master has given you all he can. The sound burns away your daily karmas and the light guides you on your way. Both are essential for union with the Master and liberation of the soul.
3. The lighter you make the load the quicker your ascent into higher realms. Hence ethical living and regular meditation as prescribed.
4. There are four realms and four ethereal bodies to die from before the soul can be set free from the mind. Thinking is a process that needs to be observed and silenced.
5. If your mind is engaged in thinking and you have not learned to silent it - it will distract you even more especially in meditation. The charged names will help focus the attention to free you from the body and senses.
6. Keep meditating on the light and the sound as per instruction. If you digress it takes longer so attend Satsangs cause that helps keep you on track and there is a charging there that helps as well.
7. Good Luck.

There many book online that you can read.
Here is one I enjoyed. https://www.scribd.com/doc/30325642/Sawan-Singh-Discourses-on-Sant-Mat

Answer to the very good comment of Scinece of Stupidity : those powers are black magic, tricks. Maybe a connection ( i know little about all this and also do not want to know) with strange beings? Ghosts?
And of course, loads of money plus the free help of meditators who are specialized in marketing and willing to work for the guru, also help a lot.

I was told by Indian people who see through all those socalled gurus that they use magic. All experiences you may have are the result of manipulation (on deep level) and are NOT good for you at all. They may even damage you very deeply. Without you noticing it as those snakes Always have an answer when you complain.

Looking back (i left many years ago) I see clearly that the meditation is dangerous, the experiences dangerous too and not beneficial for anybody except the guru and his followers. Money money.
Most of the other meditators were mentally unstable (some real lunatics) and if they were not, they became unstable in the long run because of their efforts to do the meditation. Others had many problems in life and were looking for help. Instead of that they got exploited.
It is evil. the very best part of you gets exploited and you may get severe health and mental problems because of it.You are the victim of vultures, but vultures who present themselves very well.
For new comers in such an organization it is not easy to see through the crooks. You think to have ended up in a meditation that is not after money - but they sure are though and for big money too, and they use in some way your spiritual energy for themselves .
Please everybody leave these snakes and find your own way, your real own simple way with both feet on the earth .

So glad i left, if these so called gurus use black magic that is a spiritual thing and it cannot be dealt with by "your real own simple way with both feet on the earth."

If you are under a spiritual attack you need spiritual protection.

I was initiated by Kirpal Singh in 1969. I spent 6 months with him in India. I had enough inner experiences (inner light, sound current) to feel satisfied. He was a true mystic I believe and I beilieve he really had no desire to be a guru. He once whispered to me while passing, I would not wish this job on anyone.

I have a lot of trouble with the present situation where the Guru's daughter is married to a multi-millionaire cereal king's son. Having experienced Kirpal, I can say for me personally that there is nothing there for me with Rajinder.

I also believe that it is challenging to find a true spiritual friend. I feel Kirpal was that for me. The Satsang ( religion) was and still is often a lot of unevolved petty egos masking themselves as spiritual. Parshad is now marketing for the cerial king.

Someone advice writing Rajinder. Good luck. My wife had a letter hand delivered and we never heard a word.

I hope you do find the light and sound. I can only tell you that they are real and truly ecstatic.

Having said that do not lose your health or sanity or dignity in the search.

Dear Seeker(s)
A true perfect living master will not call himself a master
A true perfect living master will not ask for money for his discourses, initiations, etc.
A true perfect living master will never leave the disciple but be a friend forever

I feel when a satsangi is in intense pain.... physical... psychological...mental.... economically...and it's unbearable and he continues to be in same state from 30 years then HE must intervene and make the things favourable to suit him Upto the extent atleast that he shouldn't have any complaints for the pain and losses of last 30 years. 30 years are enough my dear friend to suffer.

I am also very sorry about hearing your experience with Maharaj Ji. I have been initiated for 20 years now from the Master, and I considered myself not a perfect disciple. I don't know whether or not you have had the opportunity to meet the Master, but honestly, I have seen him only 4 times in my years to initiation. I have also visited many other cults, religions, and talked to many other people, and I can say that being a disciple of a perfect Master is the hardest challenge of my life and it may take my whole life to perfect the art of mediation. Like a profession, practicing meditation requires constant and accurate practice, and even is doing it, it is only the grace of God when can have those practices.

Still, even if I get very few experiences, trying to achieve perfection will never ever be a waste of time. At the end, we all are gonna pass away, whether we are from one religion or another.

Disillusioned disciple - You were expecting heaven in one sitting when we are so full of sins and imperfections. It takes 16 years of hard grind of labor in school starting as a young child and another 4-8 years to master a subject in this world or to gain proficiency in any field. If you started out in school/college with this judgemental attitude and quit the first instance something did not appeal to you, you would be nowhere. Yet to find God who is the ocean of all perfection, love, bliss, we want instant miracles and are not willing to meditate or weed out our own imperfections! Start with an open mind and a willingness on your part (meditation and ethical living) before judging and criticizing a revered Spiritual teacher whom millions love and respect because of his unconditional love and ability to connect seekers to the divine light and heavenly music without charging any money!! Ultimately it is your choice!!! No one is forcing you to do meditate or follow a meditation teacher. So be at peace and don’t hurt others with your criticism who love and revere their spiritual teacher out of heart and not because of any compulsion simply because they have been benefitted immensely.

Oh, for Heaven's sake! It is blindingly obvious that Master Rajinder is a very high soul. He is also a rare example of a spiritual teacher who is genuinely supportive and friendly to those of us caught up in a controversial personality scenario. What more could be wanted in life. Go to work. (I think you know what I'm talking about.)


You are absolutely right. I am someone who has really positive spiritual experiences in Hindu temples, where i go into a state of bliss and connect with the higher power.

I joined this meditation when i was recovering from an illness, to feel good, as i stay abroad and don't have a temple nearby to soak in the positive energy. It was fine for a week, as everything looked positive and nice. After a week, true colours started coming out. They use Abusive language, don't respect ancient scriptures or traditions and rubbish festivals which are meant to bring joy. I was expected to undo all my past spiritual experiences and only follow their teachings. I believe in meditation, but this was getting too suffocating for me as I receive massive spiritual energy through devotion. Hinduism is pluralistic, and we have several paths to attaining moksha, one being devotion. And devotion in this case only meant devotion to guru. I found it too superficial and stopped going for this meditation and went back to the path which gives me bliss!

Dear disillusioned Satsangi,
Your main grudge against the Master stems from your child’s ear ache. You write that your son wept and you didn’t listen to him. How is that Master’s fault? The organiser of the event wasn’t known to your kid, did your child trustingly narrate the cause of his discomfort to the Satsangi? I would confront the concerned person and clarify before posting on a hate blog!
How is the foreigner manager pushing you around? You again shoot an accusation without Instantiating. You have never talked to Master and call the entire Mission a scam.
As far as SEVA is concerned, I am sure nobody ever stopped you from reaching out to orphaned children. The ashram precincts only allow regular platform to contribute through voluntary service. What do you know about dairy in India? Cows are respected like a mother, treated like a pet and loved like a member of the family in most parts of rural India. Indians gave not yet adopted heartless ways of American dairy farming completely. So yes, dairy is allowed here. If you had just asked this question to the Master, he would have to,d you that veganism is wonderful and dairy is allowed only as long as cows are not mal-treated. FYI, Master is a vegan himself.
Oh and about the male Masters, santmat is the only path which doesn’t discriminate on the basis of gender, class, region, religion etc. History and historians do carry that bias though. Ever heard of Saint Sahjo bai, Rabia Basri? Women, meditators par excellence. If you manage to raise a daughter without forcing her into strict gender roles, without tying her down within strict ties of patriarchy, expose her to early meditation experience and if she manages to find her spiritual calling- sure, no one on the path would oppose her being a Saint and Master. I wont say anything about your spiritual experience since that is your personal agenda. But so far, your blog proves that you went on the Path feeling privilege (for being a Westerner?), you did not seek clear communication, you make too many assumptions and pass ill-informed judgements. Also you couldn’t talk to the Master in English, but wrote a lengthy hate blog in not-your-mother-tongue language! Let go of your egotistical high point and think!

Dear Scinece of Stupidity,
Thanks for being so clear about your introduction. Reads- stupidity, fool, lowlife!
It is clear that you are jealous of his and his family’s success in worldly affairs. Well, like many Indians, they worked hard and made it big in America without the White man’s privilege.
So you have a problem with Master’s daughter marrying the son of a millionaire. My question is why can’t she find love in a man who follows the same path as her and happens to come from a well-off family? Aren’t you jealous that your daughter couldn’t or wouldn’t find someone as handsome, as well suited a man as her husband?
If you seek a beggar for a Master, who has no money, cannot groom himself- well, many homeless, delusional clowns like you would be a good company.

I spent my life affiliated with this group as my family has been a follower of the SoS masters for a couple generations. I learned the simran and bajan meditation techniques as a child and practiced them throughout my adolescents, then less so as a young adult. I am now middle aged and I will not associate with this group. I have seen a lot. And it all tells me the teachings are not exemplified in how this organization is run or lead. It pains me to see some members of my family still following Rajinder to their detriment. But they are old now and know nothing else. I have had stronger meditations with other techniques. The mental gymnastics to rationalize and justify everything is impressive but not convincing. No, Kal has not taken over my heart and mind. I live a full, happy, healthy life without the lies and false teachings. There is a lot of unhealthy thinking in this group of people. Oh well. I'm just glad I made it out.

What a dreadful situation to be human, isn't it? The mind chooses to believe one thing but not something else. All the while we kill things and eat them then eject and repeat. Eventually something kills us. We suffer and enjoy the entire time from birth to death. We have no instruction manual, though many claim their favorite book is the one true guide. There are numerous gurus of various kinds who can teach everything from confidence to reading minds...or so we hear. We can't tell a fake from a real one since we don't even know what differentiates the two. One thing is highly probably, though. The mind is not the answer.

Best of luck on whatever you choose to hang your hat on. It's going to be quite a ride regardless.

Regarding sacred lineages > its important to see the big picture: The Being who began each sacred lineage, the one who got it directly from GOD, must have been a stellar devotee! The successors or caretakers of the anointing were deemed worthy to inherit it, which is very high, but they are not necessarily as high as was the original.

All sacred lineages ever birthed in this world have ended. I'm deducing this tragedy is due to the sins of the Overseer.

Everything from your visiting there to practising/ un practising/ seva/ initiation is voluntary. I am assuming you were never forced for all this including travelling. It is mighty that there is no practise in the world which people have not criticised. Some benefit, some don’t. I did! and probably from everything (extreme grave incidences) I have dealt with compassion, that’s what I learnt all these 20 plus years.
Having blasphamic thinking and passing derogatory remarks reflects you would say about all the things around you and in the world. Nothing, perhaps nothing will keep you at peace with so much hatred about everything on your blog.

May God still bless you!
Ps: just paste your identity on your blog like you do it for others without asking.

Kiren, it's pretty obvious who I am. Just check out the books I've written in the right sidebar. And note the Welcome section, also in the right sidebar, which has a link to my BrianHines.com web page. I'm not shy about who I am, which is... Brian Hines. Also, my blog isn't filled with hate. It is filled with truth as I see it, and as science sees it.

Kirin, I don't think you understand Brian Ji's work. To question is the foundation of learning. Change isn't treason. Change is growth.


Even GSD said just today that he doesn’t have a problem with people who question or doubt.

Anyway, Brian was a devout satsangi for 35 years. He followed the four vows. I’m not sure how long Spence followed RSSB. What’s weird about any spiritual path is when they claim all you have to do is follow set rules and then you will “see” the truth. That doesn’t happen. It honest to God, sincerely does not happen like that for most people.

You expect people to follow the map you’ve drawn but it hits a dead end and then the followers who have spent years and decades dedicated to seeing the truth are the ones who get criticized for not having results.

It would be better if the masters said from day one that you need to do this but don’t expect anything.

Brian, I read your bio, Wiki etc. I missed on details. I had an outburst like a little child who when hears anything bad about their parents, sibling no matter how much they fight ( and Jesus, this was an abuse).
The thread reads questioning, learning, change et al. Agreed again! (My response is for all - the manifestation of questions)!
I am a professor, my students ask me questions and sometimes are satisfied and may be due to my designation or their values - sometimes they might just say yes, doubt cleared! One student, Ali- says that madam, your psychology subject sounds maths to me. Coming to me later saying that my concentration is bad lately, this is the tragedy of my life and I am not able to connect with anyone in the world. Provided solutions lately himself, same for personal learning sessions and today is pursuing Doctorate& we are happily connected. ( I am proud of his comfort questioning to me, although people with bruised psyche don’t need answers , they heal with self effort and time)
A mother had 13 children. Few became doctors, few engineers, one or two writers, few in media, politicians, one sits idle and abuses people, one became a criminal, one became a most wanted criminal in the world...
(Is the mother wrong in imparting values) .... she taught the same lesson to all,

Questioning and hurling abuses like assholes (in other write ups) - there seem a difference between them.

I see everybody as a teacher around. I learn from kids, I learn from my dog, I learn from walls, I learn from ants, trees, people and more. I question too ....
But I don’t blame if they couldn’t teach me what in my head I wanted to learn.
Very sorry to say, I read a couple of blogs this morning- Brian , all of them were so negative (even if they started positive, the rif raf starts after second para). Critical thinking is good but you seem to be a spiritual chauvinist , Brian! (Its a manifestation of any of your personality traits perhaps )
I buy all your points but some people have a snowflake mentality. The problem is within Brian... build yourself with virtues of empathy, resilience and solutions...
Evolve yourself, question with dignity, be an ex-y-ef disciple or whatever, but introspect. Respect any God you believe in or even if you are atheist, sufi or whatever... do all , do none.... (This applied to me as well)

Just a bit sentimental, my mentors and teachers are my life saviours. Posting a picture like in wanted criminals zone was heart wrenching , that’s it (this specific blog). I acquired a lot, I learnt a lot... and I will heal through this too...

“ I might be thorough with laws of mind, enthused student of psychology or metaphysics, but a child in my lap and dog near my feet- needs compassion and love not my knowledge or opinion” - Russel Perkins book review on ‘Eye Opener”, Rev. Emily, J. 1969.

May the world be more positive!

Ps- Sonia- I am not a RSSB follower , I just respect everyone, that’s what I have learnt all my life from many teachers. And Questioning isn’t a problem at all!

Sorry Brian ji (as people address you) , Also realised that you cleared you identity! I read the ‘me’ again.


Listen very well said and my sentiments exactly. Thank you for speaking out.

Kiren it meant to say

This man is completely cheating people. From where is he getting all the money although he says I’m doing SEVA. How do you think his wife has the money to get makeup done prior to every event he comes to talk ??
I certainly think these kind of people should be stripped as they are inducing false belief in educated people.
To an extent I can still say Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is good as they are not using the money that people donate for living a luxurious life. This man is stealing wealth from people in the form of SEVA, uses it to buy expensive watches , jewels for his wife and spending it for the luxury living of his children.
Stop misguiding innocent people. If you truly care for people and want to help, learn to forgo pleasures before you even speak and advise people.

I am commenting because I can see that there are a lot of misconceptions about the master.
Just to clarify , the jewels and the cars come from his own money. He has his own source of income. If you all have ever visited the Ashram ( which I am assuming you haven’t ) , then you would see how much help the organisation provides to the society.
The SEVA is used for such purposes( the free operations and what all ) . If you have ever visited the canteen then you would realise that how the food is given at below the mrp price etc. Who pays for the margin ?
He is a successful engineer. He has his own source of income and he has a family of doctors etc.
Whatever possessions he has , it’s frol his own money. Maharaj ji not propagates to give up on the humanly possessions. He says that one should be happy with what one has and be satisfied. He never says that you leave everything and don’t wear jewellery or don’t buy cars.
Millions of followers follow him because they feel how he has helped them and keeps on helping them.
One can see the radiant form of the master infront of them but still won’t trust because you dont wanna trust. It is as simple as that.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj has personally helped me through some very difficult situations over the years. He has been most kind and gracious towards me and my family. I will never forget what he has done for me. I am forever grateful to this loving Satguru.

what kindness has to do with what is being talked about now !!! , it is clear that this "guru" is taking advantage of people

Finally, what successful business do they talk about? If the only known job he had was 30 years ago, is he going to still have money? What deluded fools are those who follow the impostor Rajinder Singh just like Kirpal is a mythomaniac

I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with fellow satsangis'.
I've been an initiate for 20 plus years, my parents were also.
I didn't like it when I was younger, and was embarrased when we followed the tours. There are satsangis' who I didn't much like also throughout the years, but many are truly extraordinary human beings.
It wasn't until I was in my 30's that I finally had an experience, and it was quite a life changing experience.
I also used to send letters asking for life advice all the time when I was young, and looking at those old letters now, the advice is spot on and very detailed and relevant to specific events that unfolded. He was nothing but patient and understanding in all my interactions.
Regardless of what beliefs anyone may have, they only encourage people to be better, kinder and have empathy and understanding from one human being to another. Non violence, truthfulness, and service to those in need is not a cult.
I would try again, write a letter asking for guidance, ask whatever questions you need answered to satisfy your need to understand and make your own decision.
All the best

I wonder why do people believe in such Guru's? As we all know no man on earth ever has supernatural powers. This man like anyone else is just an ordinary human being. In my opinion he just found a short cut to make his living. How do you think he was able to afford a Rolex watch ? From does he get the money to buy jewelry and fancy clothing and make up for his wife ? Think about it... By no means he is doing what he claims to be. He is just cheating innocent lives and indirectly making his disciples become slave for him. I have witnessed it myself, with someone I know who madly believes in this man. He made all the people who had gone to Chicago to visit the center become slaves for a event that he organized for his grandsons birthday. He probably terms it as Seva but just imagine you are going there to meet your guru and now you end up serving food and cleaning tables in an event that your Guru has organized for his own pleasure. Recently no on his birthday he apparently did the same. Instead of avoiding gatherings during these difficult times, in order to raise funds again, he had a drive through Birthday celebration. I guess that says it all. I would only tell people here that become self aware , listen to preaching that are valuable but do not become blind in worship. Be aware at the end of the day that he is just an ordinary human but has made this a business for his living.

@ Annonymus

In that line of thought you can discuss anything.

Government, civil service people, etc ... all the things humans do, they to it only for their own glory and advantage.

Many years ago, there was a fund raising for a famine in Africa. In the post office before donating a cheque i was asking myself whether I was doing it with the right motive, j... just and only for the welfare of these poor people. An acquaintance came to speak to me and i told him that I didn't know what to do. He asked me: "Do you think that these people are interested in you or your motives ... they are not interested at all ... they just want your money .... If you can aford it just give it and forget about your motives. And that was what I did.

In a restaurant, the staff is approaching the guests with utmost, friendliness and do whatever they can so that the guests feel comfortable, at home etc etc. The guests are happy to receive that treatment .. it is even the reason for them to go there and have themselves treated as "kings" and are willing to pay for it... certainly if the establisgment is ranked as having one or more stars in the Guide Michelin.

You are like a man entering that establishment going from table to table "informing" the guests that the are used buy the owner to make money and that the owner in realy gives a sxxt about them.

Have some coffe .. it will do you good ... and ... I do not know that Rajinder feloow.

I also hear someone called " Seth E Rosenblit " Rajinder singh has helped me , but what he has helped you with is that perhaps he lent you money , listening to your problems and believing that he magically solved them does not count as a " fix " stop fooling yourself and think False teacher Rajinder singh solves problems

Hello fellow seekers. I’ll start off by saying I’m 69 years old and have been a practicing Sant Mat since 1978. I was initiated by Sant Darshan Singh in 1982.
As a kid I was bullied and quit school at 14 and ended up on the streets addicted to meth. I was vulnerable and pretty shitty stuff happened to me. Desperate for a way out and being interested in spiritual things, do to a near death experience when I was 13 , I decided to try out TM, thanks to the Beatles influence. They wouldn’t have me because I didn’t have the $350 for the introduction and I was a street kid . I made a promise that I would never get involved with an organization that asked for money and who professed they where interested in you spiritual wellbeing. The next 4 years I came close to death 3 times until one evening a someone found me OD in a gutter. The bundle me up through me in a taxi. This person and his wife gave me a home in the county and helped me get clean.
That NDE I experienced when I was 13 was still vivid and I often wondered who that light being was and the memory of the intoxicating music. I longed for it and there started a sincere search for the truth of that experience. Was a magical time. At some point I left Haida Gwaii and moved back to Vancouver. It’s interesting trying to peace this all together, so much was happening and it felt like years, but it was just months. One day I walked into the local metaphysical bookstore called Banyan Books, to get another book by Meher Baba. I had been following the teachings of Baba for 2 years and had just broken a 6 month silence, inspired by Baba, for he had not spoken a word for 40 years. Right next to the Baba publications my eyes caught sight of a radiant figure on a book cover. The book was “ Morning Talks by Kirpal Singh. I picked it and started leafing through the pages and was smitten. Fortunately for me Meher Baba stressed the importance of having a living teacher and i thought this was my lucky day. It was not to be for Master Kirpal had just passed away 2 months earlier. I was devastated. I connected with the local group and learned the basic techniques for meditation and consumed every book I could get my hands on the teachings of Sant Mat.
After Sant Kirpal passed away, there was much turmoil within the organization as to who the successor was . I guess it’s to be expected, after all we are human. It was a terrible time. I check out the contenders and took initiation with one. The teachings claim that a competent teacher will be able to give you a first hand experience of light and sound, which I did but it was nothing compared to the NDE I had at 13. A few years passed with no real progress and thats a problem for us impatient mortals. Impatience is a mystic’s worst enemy. If you’re impatient, you’re not a mystic. Come to think, if you are inclined to call yourself a mystic, then I guess you’re not one either. A seeker is always better off being silent . At this time I suffered from sleep paralysis but I didn’t know it at the time. I just thought I was doing the meditation practice wrong and that it was creating these terrifying symptoms. So one day at a public talk I asked the Master what I might be doing wrong to creat these symptoms. He proceeded to attack me for blaming him for this. At this time I lost faith and started to continue my search.
The following year I decided to take initiation with beloved Master Darshan Singh. I did receive a mild experience but nothing mind shattering that I haven’t already been experiencing. So doubts still persisted until I went to India to see him. At the time he was still a Government employee and it was his custom to tie his beard up. One day he called all the westerners up at 1am to be with him in his living room for food and casual conversation about the path of Sant Mat, and that’s when I recognized him from my NDE I had at 13. There in front of me was the same radiant being with his hair freshly washed and his beard untied.
It was at one of these early morning sessions that I brought up the question about my negative experiences I was having and preceded to explain the symptoms, just as I had done with my previous teacher. This time he looked at me with them incredibly beautiful eyes and preceded to tell me it was a disease of the mind. I was a bit taken aback and preceded to question him , thinking it was due to improper meditation technique. Once again he answered the same, disease of the mind. I didn’t want to except this answer so I once more started to debate him when he interrupted me and called for his assistant to bring him the homeopathic material medica. He opened up the book and started reading out all my symptoms. Floored me. He new exactly what was going on. So he made an appointment with his personal physician to get a remedy. I had been suffering from these symptoms for 10 years and since that day, I have had no recurrences. Note, I personally don’t really believe in homeopathy but I believe it might be a medium he uses to do miraculous deeds without letting on who doing them. Then again, maybe there is some validity in homeopathy.
So to present day. My Guru passed away and Master Rajinder took up the task of being the Master. Now I am well aware of the family lineage and to be honest it’s caused some doubts over the years but I have not found anyone or any teachings that could embrace me with all my imperfections like this path and the Masters could. Over the years I have verbally spoken of all my deepest, darkest, secrets that I’ve been carrying , and not once have they ever made me feel regret for bringing them up. They have always console me and given me good healthy advice on how to proceed. Never once have they asked me for money, although it is an aspect of the teachings to do selfless service and donate 10% of your earnings to charitable causes, but no one is making you or judging you if you don’t. Personally I donate to relief charities and on occasion to the local group for the upkeep of the local centre when I can. I never had to pay for initiation.
I’ve had many amazing encounters with Master Rajinder. He’s never done anything to make me doubt his best intentions for me. Always encouraging and giving. This path, if you are in a rush, might leave you frustrated. It a process which each individual is unique in how they unfold. We all have baggage that first needs to be eliminated. It takes time, be patient. How many lifetimes in countless forms has it been in? The nice thing about all of this is, once initiated, that power within the Master promises to take you back to your origin. The Master will never turn his or hers back on you. You may wander off for perceived better things but in the end it will be there when you most need it. So, if you don’t believe, that’s ok. He’s still a great friend who seems to never run out of love. Can’t go wrong with that.

To all fellow satsangies on this page who seem to be agitated towards others who do not share your sentiments? Why? Does it mater? If it does, it’s time for you to meditate some more.


Very interesting experiences you’ve had… thanks for sharing. I guess our “living Masters” really do depend on our karma.

I follow a form of mysticism that is so close to Sant May it’s almost bizarre… because on the surface they seem completely opposite but they’re not.

That said, I was initiated by Gurunder Singh Dhillon. Good or bad, right or wrong I really can’t help but love him completely even after ALL of our disagreements and everything that’s happened. I don’t care if RS perfect or not perfect. I don’t care. I just care about him as he is. I’m not saying he’s a saint and I’m not saying he’s not a saint. I’m just saying that I recognize how much he means to me personally regardless of whether we agree on everything or not.

That said, we are all ONE. It’s ok to be different. Being “different” doesn’t 🟰 separate.

OMG… so many typos. Perhaps I omitted something very important as well.

Corrected ⬇️

Very interesting experiences you’ve had… thanks for sharing. I guess our ‘living Masters’ really do depend on our karma.

I follow a form of mysticism that is so close to Sant Mat it’s almost bizarre… because on the surface they seem completely opposite but they’re not.

That said, I was initiated by Gurunder Singh Dhillon. Good or bad, right or wrong I really can’t help but love him completely even after ALL of our disagreements and everything that’s happened. I don’t care if he’s perfect or not perfect. I don’t care. I just care about him as he is. I’m not saying he’s a saint and I’m not saying he’s not a saint. I’m just saying that I recognize how much he means to me personally regardless of whether we agree on everything or not.

That said, we are all ONE. It’s ok to be different. Being ‘different’ doesn’t 🟰 separate.”

It’s like ‘Family’—Friends, loved ones, neighbors… there are people that play key roles in our lives, and through all the good times, and despite all the bad times we can’t help but love them BECAUSE they are a part of us.

I can’t stress that enough.

@ 808

>> I just care about him as he is. I’m not saying he’s a saint and I’m not saying he’s not a saint. I’m just saying that I recognize how much he means to me personally regardless of whether we agree on everything or not<<

That is how it is.
These feelings are just there and not "deserved"
If they are there ... hahaha
Nobody knows how they come to be there.

I hope life treats you kind.
And I hope you have all you've dreamed of,
And I'm wishing you joy and happiness.
But above all this, I wish you love.

@ 808

Who do you wish well?

Living life there were all sorts of events, some agreeable some not.
How they are related to happiness and love, i never came to know, as, these events were / are changing and not lasting ... like the weather so to say.
What would an traveler through life dream of??

Here are 3 quotes I carry with me.
1: “The one you are looking for, is the one who is looking.” Saint Frances of Assisi
2: “ Why is the ocean greater than all the lakes, streams, and rivers? Because it lies lower than them.” Lao-Tzu
3: “Love one another. For without love, there is no lasting peace.“ Sant Kirpal Singh

My apologies. I forgot a quote from Meher Baba.
“Don’t worry be happy”

Whatever experiences there have been made by people, I met both Darshan Singh and Rajinder in the 80ies. I spent a couple of weeks in Delhi visiting Darshan daily and meditating in the adjacent meditating room, receiving his evening darshan and even having breakfast with him and his family in his house at times. Whatever one may say about Sant Mat and later occurrences, I personally can say wholeheartedly, beyond doubt, Darshan Singh was a Saint. Through and through. There was no other notion than this at any time I met him. A humble, gentle otherworldly being. I have persued his instructions as good as I was able to for almost 40 years now. He told me not to share inner experiences, so I do not. But I can assure, it has been worth to follow the instruction. There is truth.

Anyone who does not find it strange that a family clan is perpetuated in an ashran is either a fool or too indoctrinated to realize in the first place, neither Kirpal nor Rajinder were true teachers, anyone who meditates can have access to certain abilities, these can be telepathy, precongnition, all the sadus who are begging on the streets of India have these faculties, but for the Western fool who does not understand them it will seem miraculous and a sign of holiness that their "guru possesses them" I think many already know the Rajinder singh's successor is his own SON, I recently heard a person mention after my comment that Rajinder singh would not succeed his son but many already know in SOS that HIS SON will succeed him, this is a complete aberration of the teachings that have never been There was a family clan that was perpetuated in an ashran with the exception of Kirpal Singh's group, THE PEOPLE ARE TOO INDOCTRINATED TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE NOT A MASTER AND THAT THE ONLY POWER THEY EXPERIENCED WAS THE CAUSE OF THEMSELVES AND NOT THE MASTER

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