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August 22, 2015


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My understanding was that believers are "spiritual" just as homosexuals are "gay". Then Sam Harris decided that he's spiritual. What're ya gonna do?

Then say anything on spirits : spiritual, voodoo included

Better then name the "back to our origin" quest ; theologie again ?
no do semantics and take the thoughtless+awake state :


10 seconds will do !



For the record, the Society does not claim that spiritual means, "the farthest limits of material existence, a contemplation of the vast extent (maybe eternal) of time and space". These abstract ideas are not very useful. Spirituality is precisely as you describe it in this post and in Comte-Sponville's quote. As you say, "being politically active, in the sense of being involved in public policy debates" can definitley be a spiritual practice. In fact, refrain from social action is more difficult to justify in the spiritual life, I would think.

For more information, please see:




Daniel Strain
Executive Director
Spiritual Naturalist Society

Thanks, Daniel. I didn't intend to imply that the quote reflected the Spiritual Naturalist Society's position, just mine. I'll take a look at the links, as I hope others will.

"...anymore" ???

jordan, I used to believe there was a cosmic supernatural conscious entity that could be termed "spirit." So whatever led to contact or union with that super-soul, so to speak, was spiritual.


" So whatever led to contact or union with that super-soul, so to speak, was spiritual. -

It's really a big trick Brian.

You are IT , . . minus thoughts c q IQ


I would define spiritual as that state of mind that connects us to a vastness that is beyond our everyday experience.

I think that God or Spirit is a (mostly unconscious) metaphor or analogy for those parts of our thinking and experience that *seem* to come from outside our conscious mind. I am very Jungian in this sense, but it's also another way of saying our brains are very complex, and a unitary self-identity may not be as solid or as cohesive as it seems.

In other words, there is a *lot* going on in our minds besides what we are conscious of, and connecting or sensing that "other" in ourselves is a lot of what "spirituality" is about.

Another part of "spirituality" is about freeing us from the terrorism of our own thoughts, and letting go.

I believe all of this is 100% compatible with an athiestic approach to the world.

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