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August 26, 2015


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from article in "Fifth Act Theology":
Matthew Hartke

Comparing Worldviews - Christian Theism vs Metaphysical Naturalism


"Metaphysical naturalism must not be confused with methodological naturalism. The later speaks simply of the scientific method of observation, while the former speaks of a particular worldview, a way of interpreting everything, and as such necessarily goes beyond the domain of scientific observation alone. In order to understand the mechanisms involved in the material world, the material world itself must be studied empirically, thus entailing methodological naturalism. But metaphysical naturalism entails the conclusion that only that which can be empirically verified exists."


“There is no more tiresome error in the history of thought than to try to sort out our ancestors on to this or that side of a distinction which was not in their minds at all. You are asking a question to which no answer exists.” - C. S. Lewis

""" it is up to theists to prove that god and supernaturalism do exist. """
I did that already and simply with MATH :

The chance that there is a Brian with the current specifications existing
is X times smaller than each day winning the lottery, . . .

X = number of electrons ( in present universe ) to the power of number of quarks ( in the present universe )

So, it's zero > Brian is a Fake

That means Bran is the Doer which is in fact alone, dreaming around.


The doers is a perfect Love generator
Ocean > Clouds > Rain > Rivers > Ocean


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